Holiday survival???

Have we all survived the holidays so far?
My first married Christmas was a bust, and New Years Eve isn't looking to be any better, since it's just the beginning of BIL's wedding-extravaganza weekend... 
Anyway, I'm hoping that you all have had better holidays so far than I have.  Laughing

What's your best or worst holiday story?

Re: Holiday survival???

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    Sorry to hear your holidays haven't been going well!

    My Christmas was great! As I mentioned in another post, last year right before Christmas FI broke his leg, so I was sooo looking forward to a good Christmas this year (without surgeries and painkillers!). It was our first year spending the whole day together and splitting our time between both families, and it went very smoothly, so that was good.

    I'm bummed the holidays are (mostly) over, but excited to get back into wedding planning -- I didn't do much during the months of November and December.
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