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Does anyone know whether the circles are done immediately after the bride reaches the chuppah, or is it done a little after? I'm trying to figure out music and wasn't sure if it should be playing for the circling.

Thanks! Chag Sameach :)

Re: Circling

  • RachiemooRachiemoo member
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    After I got to the chuppah, I kissed/hugged my parents and then immediately went into circling.

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    i will be doing the same as rachiemoo
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    I'm pretty sure at our shul, we do the circling before we walk up the stairs to the chuppah, which is on the bimah. 

  • LBRM_NJLBRM_NJ member
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    Yep, circling is done before you actually enter the chuppah.
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  • Musicheals71Musicheals71 member
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    I'm not doing the circling, and my rabbi said it isn't required.
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    my rabbi said the circling is before entering the chuppah and we have 4 choices.  Either I circle 3 or 7 times or we circle each other 3 or 7 times.  I'm not sure about the music though...I don't think any is played but if your rabbi doesnt have a problem with it I dont see anything wrong with music.
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    I am circling 7 times before we walk up the stairs to the Bimah and the Chuppah.  We are having my FI's twin sister sing Wherever You Go (Ruth's Song) for the circling.  It seems appropriate for us, as I am converting in 24 days on the 29th and we are being married on the 29th of May.  Woohoo!! 


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    I've seen it done before and I've seen it done under - you should probably ask your rabbi and if there isn't a preference, do what you want.
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    I circled DH 3 times right before we entered the chuppah (and right after I kissed my dad)
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    I had planned to circle 3 times..then my Rabbi said his daughter did a more egalitarian version where the bride circled the groom 3 times, the groom circled the bird 3 times and then they walked in a circle together to make 7. Although most of the rest of the wedding is very traditional, we both liked this idea and is what we will be doing come August.
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