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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: B!+ch Here. : In Maine, they're rotaries. That's what I've always called them. I've also heard them called roundabouts. I called them traffic circles because I figured that was the one term everyone would know.
    Posted by BriSox81[/QUOTE]

    I <em>think </em>I call them rotaries. I know when I lived in southern VA I enjoyed calling them "roundabouts" with a Fargo accent.
  • Can I add to this a day late?

    Sure I can.

    I hate facebook.  This morning I've seen one friend talk about her kid's bathroom habits (#2, not #1) and another friend is live updating FB on the status of his GF in labor.  I don't need to know when your kid poops (or see a picture of the child on the toilet, I've seen two different friends do that) or how many centimeters wide your vagina is.  Thank you.
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