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what to write on announcementes>?

okay my FI and i got engaged 3 weeks ago our announcements are just about done except 1 thing, we dont know what to write!

if you dont know what i mean:

how do we word our announcing our engagement?  like include our names? i think short and sweet but i dont know what to write.
 sorry for the bad grammer and spelling i am like a zombie and my comp wont let me spell check for some reason.

we know that we are going to put " we have a "Fantasmic" announcement..."
we got engaged in WDW Florida. so we wanted to incorperate it.

Re: what to write on announcementes>?

  • Check out your paper to see what others have done for their engagement announcements.

    Usually, in my area, hometown of the bride and groom, their parents and grandparents, anticipated wedding date, an engagement picture, their jobs and school information, and sometimes a short story about the engagement.

    But you need to contact the paper, they'll have length requirements. And fantasmic engagement is not going to make any sense unless you are able to put something about your proposal. To be honest, it still doesn't make any sense.
  • Is it for the newspaper or are you mailing out formal announcements? If it's for the newspaper check with them to see what format and information you need to include. If you're mailing out announcements I would go online and look at stationary stores for examples of how their announcements are worded.

    More info on engagement announcements,

  • im making and sending out formal announcements i guess you would say but they are a more casual. everyone we know is pretty spread out so not everyone would see a local paper announcement!Embarassed

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