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can't get married in a church if i'm "living in sin"??

Called our parish today to begin the marriage preparation process and the priest tells me that future hubbs and I can't be living together...but we have been for the last 4 years.  I really want a church wedding but am I going to have to lie to the priest?  Especially with the way society is now...I don't think I know of any couple that didn't live together before they were married.

Re: can't get married in a church if i'm "living in sin"??

  • Close friends of mine got married in a church. Neither of them goes to church or is religous. Like most people I know, they describe themselves as agnostic.

    But, the church was a beautiful location in a historic town, and the church wedding, regardless of whether you are religious or not, is part of the North American wedding mystique; it is perfectly understandable that it would appeal to some people.

    It was an Anglican/Unitarian Church, and they are very open to all kinds of people. My friends went in and met with the bishop of the area to see if they were committed enough and after a conversation he was more than happy to marry them, regardless of whether they went to the church or not; he said marriage is about love and and as long as there was love, he felt he had no right to deny them a marriage. 

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