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So after waiting to hear back from a catholic church near our venue, we were told they won't do a Sunday wedding :/  My FI and I are both Catholic and wanted to find a church close to our venue so that the guests don't have to drive all over Maryland and to cut down on any potential holiday traffic (we're getting married July 3, 2011).  Does anyone know of a Catholic Church that does weddings near Timonium, MD?  Or if other churches such as Episcopal and Presbyterian do weddings on Sundays?  Thank you!

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    I could be wrong, but I think it's pretty common not to be able to have a church wedding on a Sunday.  I'm a little confused about the wording of your post - if you're asking about a Catholic church near Timonium that will do a Sunday wedding, the answer is that it won't happen.  If you're asking about such a church for a different day of the week (as in, changing your date), I can't help (maybe someone else can) but I'd recommend asking the church you currently attend if they know of any other churches.

    As far as other denominations go, you may have some difficulty.  For one thing, as I said, I think it's pretty standard not to do church weddings on Sundays.  Additionally, many churches don't like being 'rented out' to non-members, particularly in cases where both the bride and groom are practicing members of a different religion, which strongly suggests that their church is just being used as a backdrop, rather than for any religious significance.  Also, if both you and your FI are Catholic, and your religion is important to you, you should remember that your marriage won't be recognized by the Catholic church if you are married outside the Church. 

    So, what I'm trying to say is, I think you may need to reconsider a Sunday wedding.  If the sacrament aspect of marriage isn't important to you, it would probably be easiest to get married outside instead.
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    I know that Baptist Churches will do SUnday afternnon weddings once the services are over. I would try on them in the area where you are getting married.
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    Goucher College's chapel in Towson can have Sunday weddings, though I can't remember if there were time restrictions. We were considering having a Sunday afternoon wedding there, so I know they allow it. It isn't a specific domination or anything, but if you just needed a chapel, its pretty and will work :)
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    Ditto pp on finding a chapel... we were married in my college's chapel at the College of Notre Dame of Maryland.  You don't have to be an alum to have your wedding there, and like Haebler Memorial Chapel at Goucher, the Marikle Chapel of the Annunciation at CND is really pretty.  Both are worth a try! 

    Loyola College has a gorgeous chapel as well, but I think you have to be an alum t have your wedding ceremony there (or maybe alums get first dibs)... all I know is that it's really hard to get in there if you're not an alum... might be worth a try though!  Same with Loyola Blakefield's chapel. 
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    Marysusan, kwumd, SweetCFly~thanks for your feedback I will be sure to check those options out.  I appreciate the help :)
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