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Wedding Dress Appointments

How soon is too soon to schedule appointments to look at dresses? My mom and best friend are making a special trip to look with me and we've already chosen the weekend we want to go. I wanna make sure I can get appointments at the places I want to look! We're planning for mid-November. Is a month too soon to schedule, or just right?

Re: Wedding Dress Appointments

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    Oh, and we have to go on a Saturday because of their schedules and I've heard Saturdays are crazy at bridal shops.
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    I would do it ASAP if you know the date. Just to make sure you get a time. If you go early on Saturday like 10-11am ish it shouldn't be too crazy, but the later on you go it will get a little crazier!!

    GL, and make sure to post pictures, we love seeing everyone's dresses!!
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    I second pp.  Schedule now so you know you get in.  I scheduled one of mine 2 1/2 months out, so I don't think a month out is too early.  GL and be sure to post pictures!
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    My wedding is on the 28th of July next year and have made my first wedding dress appointment already which will be on second week of December. I think it's ok as long as you have the date already. :)
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