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April 2012 Weddings

Step-dad not coming?

My mom told me today that my step-dad will not be able to attend my wedding. He recently started a new job and they are requiring him to work that entire weekend because he is head of that department. To me, this feels like a total cop out!

I already know he's not huge on social situations (he kind of a loner/anti-social) and this would also be the first time he's ever been in the same room as my dad (my parents HATE each other and haven't seen or spoken in about 8 years) so I'm sure he's not thrilled about that. My mom has only been with him about three years so it's not like I grew up with him, but I feel like we have a good relationship. I just feel like there could have been some way around this -- what if I was his actual daughter, he wouldn't come to my wedding and walk me down the aisle?? I guess I'm a little offended that he wouldn't find some way to try to be there on such an important day.

/end vent. 

Re: Step-dad not coming?

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