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  • I'm asking 5 girls.  Unfotunately, one may not be able to b/c she's in grad school in England, and MOH frequently travels out of the country for grad school (anthropology).  So I may only have 3 BM.  FI will probably have 4-ish on his side.  No kids!
  • BM: 3 (but one is unable to attend!)
    GM: 2
    no kiddos

    inviting 80-90, but think only 25-30 will be able to make it to the Cayman Islands!

  • I have 1 MOH (daughter) 1BM (friend) 1 FG (granddaughter) he hasn't selected anyone at this point.  We are in a holding pattern waiting on some news that will affect whether we will be having a wedding come next August. I sure am keeping my fingers crossed for some good news has we sure do need it.

  • My MOH is my FI daughter, her husband is BM.And my son is walking me down the aisle. Just 5 of us.
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  • 4 BM 4 GM 80 guests
  • 5 BM. 1 MOH, 5 GM, 1BestM, O kiddos, although our  niece would have been our FG if old enough to participate, but she will be adorable nonetheless. 250 Guests, or somewhere around that.

    I really didn't think we would have even parties, but it just worked out that way. We asked his sister jointly to be in the party and asked her which side she would be more comfortable on ( she is a great friend of mine and his best friend), she chose the front row of the church with the family. We hugged, laughed cause we expected it, and ended up with even sides.
  • 6 GM's and 6 BM's 1FG 1RB  4Usher's  and about 670 guest so far but i have a feeling we aren't done adding to that list yet!

    Our Wedding is March 20,2010
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: How big is yours?</a>:
    [QUOTE]6 GM's and 6 BM's 1FG 1RB  4Usher's  and about 670 guest so far but i have a feeling we aren't done adding to that list yet! Our Wedding is March 20,2010
    Posted by stressed2010[/QUOTE]

    <div> WOW! 670! I love it. FH and I don't even know that many people. Do you have a huge family?</div>
  • 4 bridesmaids, 3-4 groomsmen (one is in the Air Force so it just depends on if he is able to be there) and one flowergirl.  We invited 135, probably will have about 110-115 guests.
  • We are having 3 BM, 3 GM, no kids.  Well, the 3 BM's are actually a maid of honor, a matron of honor, and a junior bridesmaid.
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  • I'm still a long way off and haven't asked yet, so this might change if 1) we change our minds or 2) someone declines.

    That said, it's probably going to be 1 MOH, 2 Best Men (1 for me, 1 for him), 4 bride's attendants, 4 groom's attendants (mixed gender parties on both sides), 2 RB and 3 FG.  A good portion of all of that will be family.
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  • 2 moh , 4 bm , 2 best men, 4 gm , 1 fg
  • 6 BM (1 MOH)
    6 GM (1 BM)
    3 RB (or some other cute little boy duty... 6 yo cousin and cousin's sons aged 4 and 3)
    2 FG (9 yo cousin and 1 yo cousin)
    3 (at least) ushers

    Likely 350-400 guests
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  • So far...

    8 BM 
    8 GM
    2 FG

    GUEST LIST = 115
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  • 1 MOH
    3 BM
    1 BM
    3 GM
    2 FG
    5 RB (I like to call them, collectively with the FGs, flower children b/c we sure as heck aren't trusting them with neither something so symbolic as nor so expensive as our wedding rings!)

    The entire wedding party is either my siblings, their spouses, my FI siblings, his best friend, and my nieces and nephews.  All my BM are my sisters - my twin is MOH and our other sister, my brother's wife and my FI sister are my other BM.  :)  I really like having ALL my sisters as my BM!!

    We're expecting less than150 people, although we're inviting several hundred (so many people have to travel across country, and quite a few even across globe, plus we know way too many people who are pregnant and due within a month of our wedding, that we know we're only going to have a fraction of those invited).

  • in our bridal party: 
    1 bridesmaid (my sister)
    1 groomsman (his brother). 

    expecting about 250 guests (less if we're lucky)

  • Originally I wanted 2 BM, 2GM, 1FG and 1RB, because we were inviting 100 guests (probably 75 will show?) but the more we thought about it the more we wanted everyone important to us standing up with us.  So now we have 5BM, 5GM, 1FG and 1RB.  Can't wait for the wedding!!!!! :D
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  • We will be having five of each (BM & GM).  Probably two flower girls, don't know about the ring bearer yet.  & at least 300 guests.  Ack!
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  • 1 MOH (my sister), and 1 BM (FI's best friend of almost 25 yrs) - that's it...we both have way too many different "groups" of friends - from childhood, work, and a few that we've gotten really close to since we moved to our home 3 yrs ago.  We have incredible friends - everyone gets along great, so there would be no way we could ever choose between all of them.  We'd end up with a BP of about 50!  Our wedding weekend is in May on Cape Cod, and there's about 200 invited.  Can't wait!!! :)
  • we have 6 bm and 6 gm, 2 fg's, 2-3 ushers depends if they all come due to new babies coming close to wedding time. and we have atleat 200 guests! My fiance has a HUGE family!!!
  • 4 bridesmaids, 2 or more groomsmen (he's still thinking about the another two), 1 flowergirl.
  • 1MOH, 5 BM's, 1 BM, 4 GM, 2 RB. See signature for people coming.
  • 6 BM 6 GM 3 ushers, no kids.  230 people attended
  • We're trying to do 3 each. No flower girls, no ring bearers. Just 3 BMs and GMs
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    1 Matron of Honor (my cousin)
    3 Bridesmaids (my cousin, fiance's 2 sisters)
    1 Best Man (My FFIL)
    2-3 Groomsmen (fiance's cousin, my brother, and possibly one more)
    1 Flower Girl (fiance's cousin)

    Only Family In Bridal Party.  I'm going to ask my best friend to do one of the readings because I want her to be involved.

    We're having 200 guests...maximum.

  • 3 BM, 3 GM, 1 Jr. GM (FI's son), 1 RB, 1 FG, 2 ushers.

    200 on the guest list

  • 5 BM, 6 GM, 1 "honorary flower girl" (my niece, who'll be 20 months when we get married, so she might just end up getting carried down the aisle by my sister, the MOH), 120-130 guests
  • I had 5 BMs and 1 JBM, He had 9 GM.
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  • 7 BMs, 1 MOH, 7 GM, 1 BM, 1 RB, 1 FG and 1 house party (look it up - gotta love Emily Post)...We expect 250-300 guests
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