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  • I would just look on Amazon for a fake ring. I read that Diamond Nexus is a total scam, and they just sell Signity brand CZ at a horrible markup.
  • Yes, I almost asked for a particular ring on DNL but with further research it seems pretty shady. They are high quality fakes, but for what they are they charge too much.

    I know there's other places that sell good fakes... CZ, like other things, has different levels of quality. Despite what DNL says, it seems they simply sell a high quality CZ which they should sell for way less.

    Would you consider a stone that isn't a diamond, like a sapphire or ruby or something? That may be another cheaper option.
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  • High quality rubies and sapphires can cost as much as diamonds, tbh. 

    Yes, DNL is a hoax. 

    If you're looking for a CZ, I would just get something from Macy's or maybe buy a gold setting and place a CZ in it.  However, CZ's can get scratched, and will have to be replaced eventually, depending upon the type of wear and tear it gets.

    A better option, though not as cheap, is to look into purchasing a moissanite, which is a manufactured stone that looks like a diamond, but isn't.  They are pretty high quality and are usually set into gold settings.  Check moissaniteco.com
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    Might also be good to look into estate jewelery. If you feel funny about a used ring, you can always take out the diamond or whatever it is and put it into a different setting.

    Diamonds are supposed to last forever, no reason to buy a "new" one :)
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  • DNL does have fantastic stones, but are way overpriced! If you want to try out different sizes go to jewelrytv.com and just order some cheap loose cz's. If you are looking for a high quality simulant diamond I would suggest a Moissanite. It looks just like the highest quality diamond you can get, just as hard, durable, sparkely, and amazing fire, but at a quarter the cost.
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    [QUOTE]I have a DNL Diamond 1.0 in a princess cut and let me tell you it is not a scam! We are both so happy with the stone! We had talked about it prior to getting engaged and my FI wanted nothing to do with it... after thinking about it and doing some research he decided that he would be able to propose alot earlier than planned. Unbeknownest to me, my ring was already purchased and in the safe from Shane Co. He bought the diamond, brought it in and personally spoke with the jeweler. The jeweler said that he sets DNL diamonds all the time and has never had a problem, <strong>as they have the same chemical make up as a real diamond.</strong> My ring is perfect and everyone thinks we spent a fortune! You cannot tell, its sparkly! Its the best idea!
    Posted by irishannon[/QUOTE]

    Funny. You only have three posts ever, and they're all in this thread.

    Anyway, if you are real, I'd get a new jeweler if I were you. DNL stones are NOT diamonds in any way whatsoever. If you read through their "Behind the Science" section, it even says so.

    [QUOTE]Our leading product; the Diamond Nexus laboratory created diamond <strong>simulant,</strong> which is recognized and federally trademarked as the "World's Most Technologically Advanced Gemstone" is a breakthrough lab-created coated crystal that near perfectly recreates the optical and physical (how it looks and how it wears) properties of an earth-mined diamond. [/QUOTE]

    Simulant, as in to simulate or resemble, NOT synthetic.

    [QUOTE]<strong>The DNL coating material is corundum</strong> and other proprietary materials which is substantial, visible under microscopy, and has important measurable physical characteristics. [/QUOTE]

    Corundum being a form of aluminum oxide, or more commonly known as rubies and sapphires. So if the stone is diamond chemically throughout, why bother with the coating process?

    [QUOTE]The process we go through to bring you lab created perfection in a stone is long and complicated. Our gemstones begin their development with a proprietary <strong>mix of 10 elements blended</strong> under very high heat. They go through several steps and processes on their way to becoming a Diamond Nexus stone.[/QUOTE]

    Hm. I thought diamonds were made of pure carbon, with possibly traces of nitrogen or boron. That's strange that DNL stones are composed of a mix of 10 different elements.

    <a href="#" title="Click to view a larger photo" onclick="return gSiteLife.LoadForumPage('ForumImage', 'plckPhotoId', '7ff03d93-2038-4086-8ea5-69ed01ad564d', 'plckRedirectUrl', gSiteLife.EscapeValue(window.location.href));"> <img src="http://cdn.cl9.vanillaforums.com/downloaded/ver1.0/content/images/store/15/14/7ff03d93-2038-4086-8ea5-69ed01ad564d.medium.jpg" alt="" /></a>

    Oh look, I was right. DNL stones aren't diamonds. By the way, all this info was pulled from their website.
  • Ha. Ironically their tagline is "Reward your intelligence". It's like they're mocking you.
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    [QUOTE]Ive been a member since 2007, been with my fiance since 2000 and just got engaged on Christmas Morning.... Im not jeweler in any way, lol... I have read all the stuff on the site... I KNOW it is not a diamond, but a stimulant... He paid around $200-$250 and I does look great... I have looked at Masonite's (sp?) and I loved the sparkle, but the yellow tinge just wasnt for me.... I haven't posted before because I didnt even know these forums existed until the other day. No reason to be snotty about it... I fully understand what we purchased and am very happy with it. We feel like we robbed the bank and got away with it... thats all ,nothing more! Eventually I we will get a real diamond when we have the $3500.00 to spend one a good high quality one... but until then, I have the ring of my dreams and its paid off. I wanted to give Annaliese my opinion as the only person who actually owns a DNL, didn't know it was that serious. This is supposed to fun I thought? Not a place to accuse and mock strangers....
    Posted by irishannon[/QUOTE]

    I'm sorry if I insulted you, but you were providing false information, and you should find a new jeweler if he really did tell you that it was a synthetic diamond. I just wanted to provide the correct information regarding the product. I still think DNL is a total scam and thrives on clever marketing and wording.
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    [QUOTE]No worries.... the jeweler never said it was a diamond... we told him what it was, gave him all the paper work that was sent with the DNL stone and he told us that see's DNL's all the time and has never had a problem... He said alot of CZ's break when he sets them... mine has been set and re set 3 times (my orginal ring was the wrong size, so I had a solitare setting for a couple weeks while my ring was being made)... he never said it was a synthetic diamond I think you misunderstood... <strong>he said that they have the chemical makeup</strong>... <strong>same hardness to be more specfic</strong>... completly differnt than CZ's, Shane Co wont even touch them... regardless my ring is great and I love it!
    Posted by irishannon[/QUOTE]

    If it has the same chemical make up, but was lab grown, that makes it a synthetic diamond. It does not have the same chemical make up at all. Not even close. Also, the stone is supposedly coated with sapphire which is not as hard as a diamond. So, I still think you need a new jeweler.
  • I totally agree with you! I would love to see a picture... I love the fire of Masonite, but the yellow was no bueno... but if that could be removed thats awesome!! As for price, do you mind telling me the price area? The ones Ive looked at are all very expensive....
  • I would suggest the asha diamonds.  I have been looking at fake stones for awhile and reading on their boards.  Several people had posted their DNL stones next to ashas and they look horrid.  From what I read, ashas have a diamond like coating that makes them more durable than a basic cz.  I ended up getting a moissanite stone though because it's the next closest thing to a diamond and it's very very pretty, lots of fire.  It's more expensive than an asha but that's because it isn't a cz, or even close. :)
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