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Dumb Question - What did you put the rings in before the ceremony?

Basically the subject says it all.  We don't have a ringbearer.  Does the best man just carry two ring boxes in his pocket, or did you put them in a baggie or something?  I know its such a little thing to worry over but its the little details that drive me crazy!
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Re: Dumb Question - What did you put the rings in before the ceremony?

  • we had our best man carry them... we put them in the same ring box but to be honest I'm not sure he actually used the ring box. I think it might have just put the rings in his inside coat pocket
  • Our best man took them out of the boxes right before the wedding and wore them on his pinky or thumb so that he didnt have to fumble with getting them out of the box during the ceremony.
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  • Well my BM dresses had pockets so my MOH carried H's ring and his BM carried mine. No box or bag. Just the ring in their pocket.
  • We had two best men-- my husband's two brothers. (I love saying husband:-) One carried groom's ring, the other carried mine. Dont think either were in boxes. All a daze now.
  • Both rings were in one box that we gave to BM.  He never took them out of the box and when the minister asked for the rings, he handed them (box and all) to her and she took them out of the box.  I guess he should have taken them out of the box ahead of time but whatever.
  • BM had both rings but I have no idea what he had them in.
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    I gave the BM our rings in one box, but how he carried them in his pocket is not something I know. I do know that I realized walking TO THE CEREMONY that I still had my engagement ring and made him stop and take it because my wedding band is a wrap. Close call! 
  • BM had them in his pocket.  No box, no bag.  Just rings.
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  • Our Best Man had all of the rings.  He kept our wedding bands in his left inside breast pocket, and my engagement ring in the opposite pocket.  He did take them out of their boxes because the boxes were rather bulky.  When he pulled them out during the ceremony, the officiant told him to hold them out for the audience and photographer, which he was able to do really easily :)
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  • I wore my engagement ring on my right hand so I could switch it in it's proper place easier. It felt super weird.
  • Our BM kept them after the RB had his moment; left breast pocket.

    Oh tip - remind whoever is giving the rings to the officiant to put them in the middle of the officiant's hand to avoid runaway rings...trust me it's worth it!
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  • in his pocket
  • Our RB bowed out so the BM carried the rings. The jeweler where we purchased the rings from gave us a double ring box (extra wide to fit 2 rings side-by-side). BM had that in his pocket during the ceremony. The jewelry store also gave us a small manila envelope to hold the rings in as well, but we didn't have it for the ceremony.
  • My MOH had my engagement ring and H's ring. I think she wore his on her thumb and then handed it over. The BM had my ring, I'm assuming he had it in his pocket.
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  • My MOH carried his ring and the best man carried my ring
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  • We had a Ring Bearer.. but had fake rings on the pillow.
    I had them up until an hour before the ceremony.. I was cleaning them :)
    Then gave them to my DOC to give to the best man.
  • I know this is late, but we had a friend make a small glass box for us. The ringbearer carried that with the rings inside.
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