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Freaking OUt

The darn Knot keeps eating my post so hopefully this is not showing up twice for others, but I can't see it to see responses...

Anyways... I am panicking right now!  When I got our bridesmaids dresses they didn't have a dark enough navy so I decided to go with Estate Blue and didn't think twice about it at the time because I love them so much.  Now I am freaking out and worried I made a bad decision!  My flower girl dresses are darker than the BM dresses and I am worried it will look like crap. There is not really anything I can do at this point but I am just worried I messed up.  Is it totally bad that I will have different shades of blue?  Will my pictures look like s**t?


Here is my flower girl dresses (stock photo) Navy


BM Dresses in Estate Blue (modeled by my BFF while we were shoe shopping lol)

I guess I am just worried about how much brighter it is.... Ugh please help me calm down!  I am on the verge of tears!  


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Re: Freaking OUt

  • It's okay. Yes the bridesmaid dress is a little lighter, but it looks like you for the flowergirls dress to be darker.
    Your day. And I don't think anyone would notice. And I don't think it will look like crap. If you can see if you can incorporate both blues in your theme. Noone will ever know.
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  • Oh Sam it will totally be fine! Esp since all the bridesmaids will be in one color its ok for the flower girls to have a different shade. My one bridsemaid ended up with a totally darker hot pink dress & we werent aware til the day of the wedding (she lived out of state & her dress was a different dye lot) but you could hardly notice in the photos surprisingly. It will all work out and be beautiful- i promise!
  • Sam I can completely relate... yet again...lol...

    I think even though they are a bit different, they still look great together. I know it's hard to envision how they will all look next to each other.  Do you have both dresses in yet?  For peace of mind, maybe when the FG dresses come in you can take a pic of them next to each other.  Since that is a stock photo, maybe in "real life" the shade of blue is a bit different.

    When I ordered my BM dresses, they didn't have a dress I liked by the same designer for the JR BM.  I ended up going with a different designer that did not have the same/similar color available.  So my BMs are in Fuschia and my JR BM in dusty rose.  I've had plenty of freak outs about that decision too... but I think it will turn out ok.

    and I think yours will look great also ;)

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  • It's definitely a little brighter, but it's in the same family of blue so I think it will look great! If we were talking like a royal blue vs. a teal I'd say hell no, but I think they'll look great together :)
  • Sam I think it looks fine! Flower girls don't necessarily have to match the BM dresses. I wouldnt worry abou it at all!
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  • Sam- It will be fine. They aren't that different. Besides, you can just say you planned in that way to make the flower girls a little different because they are so special.
  • They'll be fine!  You just want them to be slightly different shades so they stand out ;)  No one will notice!

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  • Totally think it works!! And it'll be cute to have the flower girls in a separate shade so they stand out a little bit :)
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  • I am actually a fan of weddings that use different shades in the color. As long as it is in the same family it totally works !!! Maybe you could even incorporate the different colors in the the decor and or flowers.
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  • I agree with the others! Yes they are different, but as Brea said, they are the same family of blues. It will look great!
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