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How tall were your heels?

How tall were your heels? And how long did you wear them for? Did you get a 2nd pair to change into (not flip flops)?

I don't really want to change into any kind of flip flop, as I'm planning on wearing a short reception dress and would like cute shoes. But I am wondering what other people could stand wearing all day.

Re: How tall were your heels?

  • Mine are 2" and my boyfriend is a full foot taller than me. (I'm 5'5", he's 6'5")
  • My fiance is much taller than me, and I wear tall heels often. I had 3 inch platform heels that I wore to banquets with him twice. I'm okay with wearing really high heels for a long time though.
  • mine need to be less than 1" in order to be alteration free, so thats what im doing!
    i hate flip flops, and since im used to wearing heels anyway, ill just keep whatever shoes i buy on for the whole night
  • I think mine are 3 inches. I got shoes with backs (rather than strapy slingbacks) and I plan to wear them all night! With the shoes, I will be about a 1/2 inch shorter than my FI.
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  • kitten. I'll wear them all day.
  • I got about 4" heels to avoid hemming the dress.  Since we're going to be running around the Vegas Strip for pre-ceremony pics, I got a pair of platform flip-flops of the same height for that, then I'll change into my heels for the ceremony and reception.
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  • i'm wearing flats or kittens, i'm not a heel person. i have flat feet and it makes it really difficult to wear heals for long period of times. FI is 10" taller than me, oh well lol
  • Mine were about 3" and I wore them all night.  I'm not really a fan of heels but I was having so much fun I didn't realize my feet were hurting until the reception was over.
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  • FI is a lot taller than me so it didn't matter how tall I went on the heels. When I ordered my dress they ordered it to go with me wearing 3 and 1/2 inch heels. I'm used to wearing 4-5 inch heels all the time so it shouldn't be a big deal. This reminds me I need to purchase my shoes!! 
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    I orginally bought 3" heels to wear with my dress. The more I thought about it the more I realized I was crazy to think I could wear them the whole I bought a pair of cute flat sandals to wear with my dress! I'm really more excited about the flats than I am the heels anyways! :)
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  • 2.5 inches.  FI is about four inches taller than me, so it's all good.  I'm going to try to wear them all night.

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  • I'm not wearing heels, I'm wearing converse sneakers. I'm not a heel person, and never have been. I want to be comfy and feel like myself. I'm getting bright purple ones! :)
  • Mine are flat and I am wearing them the whole night.
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  • I got a strappy pair of heels that are close to 4 inches.  Since I don't know if I will last all night on them, I got some thai silk flats to wear for the reception and as we leave.
  • I was originally planning on wearing 1.5 inch heels, but my fiance is only 1-2 inches taller than me and wanted me to still be shorter. So I opted for some cute flats I can wear all night.
  • Mine will be about 3-4 inches and I plan on wearing them all night. My shoes have a thicker heel than a stiletto, though, so hopefully that will help keep my feet happy all night!
  • I'm wearing converse too. My FI is shorter than me, so I am trying to minimize the height difference, plus I love converse. I got some custom made in our wedding colors with my new last name on them.
  • I'm buying 4.75" heels. I was going to wear my orange and pink Nikes but since we're going to Mexico, I thought about going all out. Even with those shoes on, I'm still a couple of inches shorter than FI

  • I'm wearing flat sandals of some type.

    I bought these for $25, but am not really sold on them with the dress:

    I'm also looking at these b/c they're flat, cute, in one of my wedding colors (navy), and could be my "something blue:"

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  • Well I am wearing white silky slippers as i am 6'2" and my boyfriend is 5'6" hehehehe I  think I can last the night in those so I am probably not much help to you.
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: How tall were your heels?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I'm wearing flat sandals of some type. I bought these for $25, but am not really sold on them with the dress: I'm also looking at these b/c they're flat, cute, in one of my wedding colors (navy), and could be my "something blue:"
    Posted by desertsun[/QUOTE]
    I am wearing the same style sandal. I bought mine from DSW and they just arrived today. Here's a pic...

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    They're way more sparkly in person! The picture doesn't do them justice! They were a good price too! :)
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  • Mine are 4 in heels, and I'm not used to wearing heels that high. I am going to practice wearing them around the house, so I don't mess them up, but so my feet can get used to them before the wedding. I am going to buy another pair of shoes in case I can't make it the whole time and need to change them.
  • I am going with flats because I am 5'9" and am taller than everyone in the wedding party with the exception of FI who the same height. He doesn't care but I always feel awkward towering over his brothers. Also, the ceremony is outside and I don't want my heels perforating the lawn of my church. That being said, kitten heels are great if you're looking for something comfy but dressy.
  • mine are 3 in and i'm planning on wearing them most of the night. (i'm wearing my ballroom dance shoes, so i'm used to wearing them for very long periods of time while i dance)
    if i do take them off i'm planning on going barefoot. i know you're not supposed to, but anyone who knows me knows that i do that most of the time anyway. they'll probably be suprised to see me wearing shoes.
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  • Mine are about 2 inches because my fiance is not that much taller than me. I am planning on wearing them all night. I spent a lot of money on them, so I feel like I want to get my money's worth.
  • Not married yet, but I've been in a couple of weddings wearing heels all day; as long as they're well broken in and fit your feet, you shouldn't have too much trouble. A couple of things you can do to break them in: wear them around the house, even if you're only sitting around (it will help them mold to your feet); you can also play around with them with your fingers and thumbs, pushing and pulling (gently!) the larger pieces and edges a little, making them more pliable. This will help with the comfort part. Hope this helps! Good luck!
  • My heels are 2 3/4 inches. I know that I can handle walking around in that size heel so I plan on wearing them most of the night. But I did buy flip flops for when I do get sick of them! My FI is 6 feet and I am 5'3 so there is no point in trying to get anywhere close to his height in heels!
  • I bought flat sandals. My FI is only 2 inches taller than me, and would like to stay that way, so heels were out for me. I love my shoes and plan to wear them after the wedding too.
  • No heels for me, thanks.  It's a beach wedding, so I got purple leather gladiator sandals from Seychelles. 

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  • I am wearing a pair of Christian Louboutins all day except for when we are walking from place to place to get our picutres taken, then it will be the handy flip flops. The shoes are pretty high, but I wear high heels almost everyday so it shouldnt be much of a problem.
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