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"Stealing Cinderella" Father/Daughter Dance

I heard this song right after my sister got married (she danced with our dad to I loved her first).  When i heard "stealing Cinderella" i was in my car and cried my eyes out.  Has anyone else heard this song?  Has anyone seen this song done as a father daughter dance?  Just curious.  I have over a year to decide but just trying to get ideas..

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Re: "Stealing Cinderella" Father/Daughter Dance

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    Absolutely love this song! If I had a dad it's what I would use! lol

    It's a beautiful song. =)
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    it's one of my favorite songs, and i was thinking of using it too, but decided not to since it;s kind of a daddy's girl song, and i'm really not a daddy's girl :)
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    Smile i am totally a Daddy's girl.  Me and my mom are clos but i can pretty much tell my dad anything and he has always been there for me (and my sister) He's an amazing man.  We always joked and said our husbands will have big shoes to fill.
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    I'm definitely doing that song :o) it's so beautiful
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