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NWR: Excited but nervous

So NWR, I am currently in a position labeled "student", basically I am an intern, I make the least amount as anyone else there, with no chance of earning more. So I have been applying other places for office assistant positions, and I had an interview for a position a couple weeks ago, and was offered the position. I am so excited! but nervous and sad at the same time. I have been at my current job for 3 1/2 years and have built such amazing relationships with the girls I work with, to the point where I want to invite them to the wedding. I will be making almost $4 more per hour, it's only part time, which kinda stinks but at the same time, thats all I am at my current job, they are both county jobs, so I just have to transfer, but my first official day at the new place is April 9th!
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Re: NWR: Excited but nervous

  • Congrats! That jump in pay will be worth it. And at least you built good relationship with the co-workers you'll leaving, you can still be friends with them. I'm sure you'll love your new position just as much.

    I just started a new job about two weeks ago, so yay for new jobs!
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  • Congratulations!  That's so awesome, that extra pay really makes a big difference, and your big day will be paid off faster and quality of life is generally better when you have to worry less.

    Movin on up!  I love this time in our lives where everything is changing as we grow into our futures :-)
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  • Yeah, I am definately looking forward to the pay increase, and I figure I have a better chance at going full time now that I will be out of the "student" position.
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  • Yay! COngrats!
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    That's awesome!  Wow, lots of job changes around here.  I'm leaving my current job, last day is April 4, to go back to my previous job.  This was good experience, but it's just not quite a good fit, and I miss the flexibility of my old job. 
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  • Congrats on the new job! :) 
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  • That is great! Congrats!!!
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