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Rams Head Inn - Anyone getting married there in 2012?

Hi Everyone! 

I am writing to see if anyone out there is getting married this year at the Rams Head Inn. Our wedding is scheduled to take place there on August 11, 2012. I am writing because we are now on our third dining manager (who handles the details for the wedding reception) since we booked our wedding less than a year ago. There has been a lot of confusion and frustration having to have dealt with three different people answering questions, each one with a different answer. I booked my reception there because I heard nothing but good things and loved the staff that worked there at the time when we booked. However, now we are getting various answers to questions in regards to our tasting, etc. 

Has anyone had a tasting there either past or present and can give me details on how it works? What we were told at the beginning is very different than what we are being told now by the new person who is now handling our wedding. 

Can anyone help with advice/or is anyone out there in the same frustrated boat? 


Re: Rams Head Inn - Anyone getting married there in 2012?

  •   Which dining managers have you seen? We briefly met with Maria when we popped by for an unexpected tour of the venue. There was another wedding taking place but she let us (sorta) look around before she sat us down in her office. She was so nice. Maria had said that Adam would be giving us the tour when we called back to schedule it. I know a girl that had her wedding at the Inn a few years ago and she had nothing but raving reviews of it.
  • I have been watching this post for a while since FI and I are interested in Ram's Head and wanted to chime in, despite it being quiet for so long.

    OP - have you been able to resolve the rehearsal dinner issue?  FI and I met with Maria (side note - she was fantastic!) and we understood that RHI would give you a $100 credit towards the restaurant to select your menu.  With that, you are free to book your own reservation, order from the menu what you'd like, and pick from there.  I think it's a nice idea and much different from the cattle-call menu tastings that go on at other venues.
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