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A Priest to Marry at and Outdoor Ceremony???

Hi Ladies...

Need some help here... Getting married in Falmouth at the Coonamessett Inn and would love to use their grounds for the ceremony. Anyone know of a Priest in or near Falmoujth that would be willing to do a service outside?? Thanks a bunch!! :)Smile

Re: A Priest to Marry at and Outdoor Ceremony???

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    I wish I could be more help.  We had my priest from when I was a kid (who had moved years ago) come up from VA.  I will tell you it will ahve to be a non-catholic priest as they can only marry in a house of God (although I don't know what's more God's house than nature - but that's another issue).

    You could contact any protestant/episcopal church and see if there are priests who will perform an outdoor ceremony.  They shouldn't have any oppositions to it.

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    We are getting married outside in Falmouth as well and NO priest would Marry us outside!!! According the them the bishop had made a ruling that all catholic ceremonies must be performed in the church. I also asked if he could just come bless the marriage and say a prayer, and a few strait our said no and others said they would love to but the guests could take it as "he was marring us"! Much to my FMIL dismay we went with a JP.

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    I do know the archdiocese in the area (Fall River I believe) has expressly forbid priests from marrying couples outside which is completely understandable considering marriage is a holy sacrament meant to be done in the House of God in the presence of the tabernacle containing the body of Christ.

    I would look into other options such as a JP or nondenominational Christian priest.
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