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Wedding Party

WP Tuesday

Ok, I am NEVER here for these things...but I think 8:45 eastern time is late enough....

How is everyone?

Any news?

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Re: WP Tuesday

  • This week has been awful for me. I keep failing to read things properly. I was signed up for a workshop and I failed to read the "please respond" part of the email. Gah, now I'm hoping that they can somehow get me back on the list.
    Sunbonnet or cone of shame? You be the judge! Trixie's Blog
    My Planning Bio
    My Married Bio updated March 4
  • Ugh sorry to hear about that Stina. Hopefully, there's some wiggle room with the participant numbers.

    I'm excited too, though, because I'm hardly ever on for this either! I've been having a pretty good week so far, although work has been hectic. A coworker had a major meltdown yesterday (screaming, crying, possibly quitting) so it was a little weird today to say the least. I've never witnessed anything like that before.

    Other than that, just relaxing and tying up the loose ends we have for the wedding, which keeps getting closer and closer.
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  • Not much going on here...my daughter starts the third grade tomorrow...the summer (and the past 8 years of her life) went by too quickly!

    Watching the Pirates and Cardinals game...amazingly, the Bucs are actually winning...but it's the 8th inning and anything could happen! :p

    Nothing wedding-related going on. I have to get some duckies in a row (ie, finalize my divorce to the jerk I was stupid enough to marry 2 1/2 years ago) before we can really get any set plans in motion...
  • Thanks Stina!

    I was on the phone for an hour with SIL and then for over an hour with my mom!!

    So much for WP Tuesday and laundry!
  • ManwaithielManwaithiel member
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    I'm fighting little battles.

    Last week it was finding a place to live for the winter when I graduate and move in with FI. That was a wreck in a half. This week, it's getting through a particularly demanding work week with people I would rather not be there.

    Through it all, my mom keeps calling me and asking "Have you picked the BM dress colors yet?", "Do you know what centerpieces you want?", "I think you really need to start thinking about A,B,C."

    Keep in mind, we already have both venues, cake, catering, officiant, colors, photography, video, and dress. My wedding is about 9 months away. What else am I supposed to be worrying about right now? I know I should probably get on those Save the Dates because our wedding IS on Memorial Day weekend and people would probably like as much notice as possible, but other than that....?

    To be fair, my mom did listen to me about house hunting troubles and work issues, but then it was always "Let's talk about something more immediate" (how is a wedding that is 3/4 of a year away more immediate than where I am going to live in December or work I'm doing right now or classes that start next week?). I guess maybe she was trying to cheer me up.

    And my post turned into a nice little rant. I apologize to any offended parties...
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  • Phew, I was able to get back in. Thank God!

    Other good news: I am hopefully getting new headshots taken this week. When I pick one, I'll post it! YEAH!!! And it's gonna be a color photo!!!
    Sunbonnet or cone of shame? You be the judge! Trixie's Blog
    My Planning Bio
    My Married Bio updated March 4
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