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Advice for a Brazilian Virgin?

So I've been getting "regular" bikini waxes for years with no problem (other than pain during the actual process, of course).  In celebration of our belated HM, I've decided to go Brazilian.  I'm sure it will be the one and only time!

Any tips to prepare for it?  I'm really nervous about the pain as the regular version already hurts so much. 

And...  do you have to do the "back side"?

Thanks, ladies!


Re: Advice for a Brazilian Virgin?

  • I don't think there is anything you can do to prepare for it.  I got one for my HM a few days before the wedding--let's just say I can think of other things I'd rather do with my lunch hour.

    The only bikini wax I've ever had was the Brazilian so I don't really know what to compare it to pain-wise.  I mean--it hurt, some places more than others.  Actually, I'm getting chills even thinking about it.  And it took much longer than I thought also--at least 20 or 30 minutes (I think they told me to allow a half an hour).  And I would say if you are the least bit modest to forget about doing it, but since you've had regular ones before then I'm sure you'll be fine.  It's quite the intimate experience, I can tell you that.  I had allowed 2 weeks of growth (since I usually shave) because I had heard from co-workers that was best.

    Grin and bear is about all I can say.  Hopefully someone else will be more help!

  • take a couple pain relievers before.

    Also, there is stuff called "No Scream Cream".  Your salon may have it, if not order it.  You apply it 30-45 minutes before and it helps numb the hair follicles SOME.
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  • I've had them done for the last four years.  Take motrin before hand.  Don't be shy, just do what she tells you with your legs.  You don't have to do "the back side".  The first time hurt the most.  If you do regular bikini waxes, I don't think it will hurt that much worse than those. 
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  • Thanks, ladies!

    Is there anything similar to "no scream cream" that is available in drug stores?  I remember hearing someone mention Oragel once...
  • Keep in mind that if you're just doing Brazilian this once and then want to go back to some coverage it is going to ITCH. LIKE. CRAZY. while it grows back!

    In my opinion, the worst pain is the part you already get waxed, so it really won't hurt much more than what you're used to.  But you do have to let her get in all the nooks and crannies.  And you don't have to do the back side but I think it would be a bit weird not to.  Just take deep breaths!
  • Oragel can be sticky. There is a name for the chemical in the no scream cream, but idk what it is.  Maybe the website can tell you, or maybe your salon has it.
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  • To me, the most painful part is that top part above the pubic bone, which you probably  are already getting. When my waxer gets into all the...uh, nooks and crannies, it's not a sharp sting like the aforementioned area. You'll be fine
  • So now I'm nervous about the itchiness when it grows back in :-(  It never itches when the sides/top grow back in.  Are those "inner" nooks and crannies that much more sensitive to re-growth?
  • I didn't have much more itching than I do when I shave and it comes back in (and I do have some itching).  The itching for me wasn't the worst part.
  • ooouuucccchh. the butt seems like it'll be unbearable
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    [QUOTE]If you have itching, then you aren't using a good enough exfoliator to remove the dead skin or moisturizer. Make sure to exfoliate and moisturize your pubic area and <strong>hu ha</strong> for the first two weeks after the wax. It is worth all of the pain :)
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    Hee hee, I've always spelled it "hoo ha."  </div>
  • I think the areas where you would get a 'regular' bikini wax hurts worse then the other areas included in the Brazilian. You'll be fine, it is so worth it. And yes, do the back side its easy :)
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    I'm thinking about this.  How many days before the wedding should I get it done?  Considering I live with FI and am going to TRY to hide it from him for a few days.
  • I have got a Brazilian once.  I have very sensitive skin and was in so much pain that I was unable to be touched down there for over a week.  Also, my skin broke out in red bumps and it was very unattractive.  By the time I felt better down there, the hair had already begun to break out and it seemed like a total waste of time.  I even had the woman use "organic wax for sensitive skin..."!  I've shaved ever since and had much better luck and feel!  I recommend doing that, the night before your wedding.
  • Try Bikini Zone for the itching.  You can get it at the drug store and it seems to help.
  • Great thread!! Love that someone thought it was something else... i needed to read between the lines too. Have also been scared to do it.I've got another year and a half to get the courage up - thanks for all the tips.
    BTW, here is the link for the cream:
    and also their other products with reviews:
  • I have been getting one every month for over a year and love it. 

    Take an aspirin 30 mins to hour before your appointment and remember to relax (as best you can).  Make sure to go to an experienced professional. And in my experience the 'backside' is not that bad, the front and center is the most sensitive area.  I have not had any issues with the re-growth if you exfoliate. I find the re-growth to be smooth and sparse
  • I get Brazilians on a regular basis.  The first one does hurt a bit, but I have to agree the part that hurts the most is the top, where you are already getting it done. As far as the itching goes, as long as you exfoliate the itching will not be a problem.  I find that the exfoliting gloves work the best.  Just use them every other day, and this also helps with in-growns.  And the butt, believe it or not is the least painful.  2-3 strips and you are done.  It is very quick.  If you go to a good place it won't be a problem.  Good luck with it.  
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  • Hi!!!
    I am brazilian and I've never get a Brazilian, my sister got once, before getting married and she told it is more "shameful" than "painful" hehehehe...
    I will do it but I have time untill my wedding day (december/2010)...
  • I am also considering this - when you all talk about making sure you go to a good place, how would I find that out?  None of my friends currently do it, so I don't have anyone to get recommendations from.  Do you guys go to spas, salons, did you find reviews online???  Not sure how to find a place.
  • Ive been getting everything waxed (brazilian) for years, since I was 17.  Its no big deal.  It does not itch after, you will not get a rash, you will be fine.  And um if you do have hair in your butt crack...please get that waxed too!  Im sure!  ew.
  • I thought the same thing!
  • dsdv63 - Does your co-worker get a brazilian wax or does she shave?

  • I've been getting Brazillians for almost 3 years and can tell you they are worth the intial pain.  The first wax will be the most painful., but after that with regular appointments the pain significantly reduces and your hair is easier to remove. It also grows back smoother and thinner.  When choosing your salon, ask how many Brazilian waxes the Aesthetician performs each week, the more, the better. Ask for recommendations from friends or google online for local suggestions. Also, be sure to go to a certified salon, who you choose will make all the difference!

    A few tips that may help:
    1) Take 2 pain relievers 45 minutes prior to your appointment. 

    2) RELAX, if your body tenses up before each strip is removed, it will hurt more. Keep your body completely relaxed and try to focus on something else.

    3) Ask your Aesthetician if they can use hard wax for the 'inner' portions. Hard wax is gentler on your skin and great if you are sensitive to hot wax. Also, be sure they are removing small sections at a time.

    4) sure the salon you chooses uses a baby powder and rub it into the area prior to applying the wax. If not the wax will actually stick to your skin! Ouch!!

    5) Another trick that works great for me, is to pull the skin an inch below my belly button taunt with one hand through out the wax.  Your Aethetician should also be doing this for the area of the hair they are removing.

    6) After the wax, they should apply a soothing cream. Also, in the weeks following be sure to exfoliate the area with a loofah when you shower to prevent ingrown hairs.

    Hope this helps!
  • i've had a few done, and honestly the front is by far the worst part...the other "nooks and crannies" as people have been putting it are so easy compare to the first little bit....of course you dont have to get the back side...but it would be a little...weird since everything else is done...the back side really doesn't definitely is well worth the pain though!! good luck!
  • Waxing is very painful grin and bear it is the best advice.

    I personally prefer to shave regularly all of it and that is less expensive and painful for me. I usually use the Venus Breeze razors and shave every couple of days.

    If you can shave, that is maybe preferable, less painful, don't do it when you have a rush of things to do  if you are going to shave, do so when you are relaxed. Waxing does produce a smoother result but more expensive and I am always afraid of the salon professional getting wax in my privates.

    The first time you remove all hair down in your lady area it will feel weird but I have gotten used to it and I feel naughty and like I unleash my inner vixen, make sure you get a sexy panty to surprise him with that night. I like to wear the Lacy Thong by VS for my girlfriend. :)

    good luck.
  • ok a little advice...

    1. call your salon to ask how experienced the waxer is...
    2. ask what type of wax is used...
    3. ask how long is a typical brazil wax will take...
    (remeber to ask these questions again when starting your session)

    ok here is the answers you want...

    1. 1-2 years... a new waxer wont do it right...
    2.  a strip pull off wax should always be used...not like when you get legs or     arms done.
    3. it should never take more then 10-15 minutes...

    i know this because i went to a "REAL" brazillian waxer...took her 5 minutes to wax everything off...she used a no strip wax...a expensive french wax...i was sore no more then 15 minutes...never was like i never got waxed...

    now i been to the "fake: waxers...1 waxer took 30 minutes i bled and was swollen for hours and in pain...never ever pay for the right way...its worth it...
    i learned that lesson lol...

    to prepare for LOOFA LOOFA...3 days after wax LOOFA LOOFA...if you keep up with a brazil wax after the 3 rd time and it being so fast hair will be sparse and no more pain...its the 1st time thats the worst...never go before your cyce either...our hormones make it more painful...hope this helps...
  • I'm getting married in August too and I've been thinking about this.  Should I do a trial run before hand or will that scare me to try it again?  and how long should i wait after I shave to get a brazilian.  I read from someone's blog they waited two weeks. Any suggestions?
  • There is a cream called ANALEASE that is used to help prepare you for anal sex.  If you put it on liberally before your wax, you won't feel a thing.  Put it on when you get up and keep applying it just before your appointment and you'll be fine!

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