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Had anyone had their wedding here or know someone? Would you/them recommend this place for a wedding?


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    Had anyone had their wedding here or know someone? Would you/them recommend this place for a wedding?
  • The place is GORGEOUS. My housemates got married there. But this is her review taken from "Wedding Wire" in 2008. As a guest, I didn't notice any of the problems she points out, but she is the bride and she was stressed and obviously they were just adding extra stress:

    This is one of the harder reviews to write because the feelings are a little mixed. The venue itself was everything I ever could have asked for. And since the weather was so nice, we got to get married in the gardens like I'd dreamed! Unfortunately the staff really fell flat in our last couple of communications and especially on the wedding day. They didn't help with a thing and were actually rude to the guests! Of course people were curious about the castle but instead of just letting people know why they couldn't tour anything, they were rude in their responses to the guests. It was the only thing I had complaints about. During our rehearsal, our Officiant had to use the restroom and they wouldn't let him in to the castle [rehearsal was in the garden]! Our "DOC" was completely useless. I asked if she could do one thing [turn on the music before we walked down the aisle] and was refused because she "might be needed elsewhere". So not thrilled about the staff, which is a bummer because they started out so well. To be honest, I still would have had my wedding there if I had to do it over. The space was just too beautiful for words! Thornewood itself gets an A and the staff gets a C.
  • I'm originally from Lakewood, so my mom kept pestering me to call Thornewood. I called several times, and I could not get anyone on the phone. When I did finally get someone on the phone, it was always during another wedding so they couldn't talk and told me that they would call me back. After a week of not getting a return call I'd call back and again I'd either not get anyone (left messages and never got a call back), or it was during another wedding. After a month and a half of this, I gave up.

    If you do decide on Thornewood, I hope you get better results that I did.

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