Avoid Stylish Impressions!!

Ladies - take your business elsewhere.  The owner Diane first comes across all nice and sweet, and then your dress comes in wrong and she could care less.  She won't return your calls, won't cut you a deal and won't try to satisfy you.  The rest of the girls there are very nice, but when something goes end up dealing with the owner, who is far from nice. 
I would really hate for others to go through what I went through.  Take my advice and go somewhere else!  She doesn't deserve your business because she truely doesn't care about your happiness on your biggest day. 

Re: Avoid Stylish Impressions!!

  • i called there awhile back to see if they had an allure couture gown i really wanted to try on for some friends that were not able to see it when i tried it on out of state and loved it....

    She said she had it in stock and i asked what size and was told a 4 and i said oh i need at least a 12 but more like a 14 and her response was...

    oh we dont recomment these dresses for anyone over a 10 its just not meant to be on someone that size.....SERIOUSLY WHO SAYS THAT!!!!!!

    mind you i tried it on in a 12 and it was absolutely the end not what i picked because my mother wasnt a fan of it and i do love what i picked much more....

    but i was shocked that they actually said that to me....i sent them a nice email telling them they just lost the sale of a $2300 dress plus 10 BM and a flower girl dress as well....never heardd a word back...
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  • What happened?

    I only ask because I did get my dress from Diane and I'm going next Saturday for my 1st fitting. What should I look for or be aware of?

  • My dress came in in the wrong color and fabric.  I ordered ivory and got diamond white!  I unfortunately can not pull off white with my skin tone.  At first she tried selling me on the diamond white and then proceeded to say how the material was different from the sample I ordered from as well and that SHE herself didn't even like the dress and didn't want to offer it!  Thankfully the sample was still there and I was able to get that.  HOWEVER, I paid full price for a brand new dress and she would not work with me on a fair discount for taking the sample dress (which even had spots on it!). 
    I am just amazed that she can run a business that involves the single most important day in many women's lives and she won't even help them out when things go wrong.  She made it very clear that it is all about the money to her and that is very disappointing!
    I hope for your sake that everything is the way you've been picturing it!  Good luck!
  • I came here to post a similiar review. Ordered my bridesmaids dress here, it was 2 sizes too small and too short even though I specifically asked for extra length (was told unless Im wearing 5 inch heels I dont need the length even though Im just over 5'8 barefoot). Diane has been terrible and insisted I've put on weight since her measurements were 5 inches smaller than what I actually measure at. She has now been dodging my calls for a month and what it cost me in fabric to reconstruct the dress to fit me, alterations and new shoes different from the rest of the bridal party, I have paid over double the amount of what the dress originally cost me. I would NEVER EVER recommend this establishment. Beyond unprofessional!
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