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Color Troubled

Ok ladies, I'm having a minor dilemma. I am so about to lose my minds already behind wedding colors. I have changed colors once already. Original our colors were like a dark deep pink(fushcia) and deep purple(eggplant) with a touch or grey. Then I went to eggplant and kiwi, now I'm like OMG get it together already. My FH is like how many times are you going to change the colors? I just want to make sure everything will go. Like for instance, our venue has light gold chivari chairs and I was going to do kiwi sashes and eggplant tablecloths but if we will have silver charger plates and grey napkins while the groom(mens) wear grey tux would it throw it off or not? I'm so a visual person but it also has to go together in my mind as well and if it doesn't then its no hope. lets not forget that the girls were wearing kiwi and eggplant dresses too, every other girl. Now I'm thinking maybe I should just do one color purple with an accent and call it a day. What do you think?

Re: Color Troubled

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    I had this dilemma too. My original colors were eggplant, burnt orange and brown. I went around in circles trying to decide the color of flowers, dresses, tuxes, reception decorations, etc. Then I took a step back and realized that I'm not a full-time wedding planner, while I have a background in design, I'm certainly not an expert and I’m likely going to drive myself crazy trying to make everything coordinate.   So here’s what I did – I’m keeping it simple and focusing on making the accents “pop”. Dark brown bridesmaids dresses, ivory chair covers with dark brown sashes,  white flowers for both me and the bridesmaids (bridesmaids will have hints of dark purple), centerpieces – vases filled with coffee beans (to bring in my dark brown) and purple or white hydrangeas.  

    So bottom-line, I realized for me, it’s safer and less stressful to stick to neutral colors and let just a few accents break up the neutrals rather than stressing about trying to coordinate everything, because believe me, it was already driving me crazy. Plus, I figured looking back on the photos in 20 years I won’t ask myself, “seriously, purple and burnt orange? What were you thinking?” J Certainly not what you have to do, but just my 2 cents!

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    I would try to pick one color to be your " main" color which is what you can use for your tablecover and then pick another color or two for your accent colors
    xoxo, Jennifer
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