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March 2014 Weddings

wedding favor ideas

I'm having kind of a nerdy themed wedding, Lord of the Rings/Rennisance style. Can anyone think of some clever favor ideas? I'm terrible at things like this. :(

Re: wedding favor ideas

  • What kind of budget are you looking at for favors???
  • have you tried a renfair merchant? they could be helpful. i love your theme, btw. you could do some castle theme or see if you could get a leaf made that looks like the leaf from lotr.

    I hope that was helpful. :)
  • OK that's a fun theme....hmm...

    1. candles - not the short squat ones, but the long hand-dripped kind that look medieval, perhaps in your wedding color or perhaps just off-white or beeswax to make them seem more authentic, but in that case, with a ribbon and perhaps a small silk floral hot glue gunned in your wedding colors

    2. small jar or pot of honey - with a label that is worded in old english or with old english style lettering (honeycomb piece would be best) - you could make these if you cleaned out (boiled for hygiene) a bunch of babyfood jars, and relabeled them with hot glue guns and labels made with parchment that you inked yourselves or just wrapped in a small tea-soaked piece of cheesecloth and then tied with a ribbon, stalk of wheat  --

    2. b- same idea, but with a jam - select a berry native to Europe, such as currants.  (Blueberries, cranberries, a few others, are native to North America, and would not have been used, obviously)

    3. pomanders (used back in the late Renaissance and upwards to freshen up rooms which had a bad odor and stale air, especially in the winter) - you can make these yourself with clementines, ribbon (optional) and cloves - just let them air dry - the ribbon is used to hang them and can be in your wedding color ... place the cloves in patterns like lines or circles - pack them very tightly, it will tighten up some when dried however so leave a LITTLE space - the outcome will look more elegant if you use them in patterns not scatter randomly

    4. bottles of mead (honey beer)

    5. loaves of earthy, crunchy bread made with rye, whole grains, seeds, braided would be most lovely, presented in a barrel or baskets that are wrapped in clean burlap or sackcloth, all sticking up labeled "freshly baked artisan bread" and with recipe card/s. One recipe in a picture frame (so they see ingredients in case of allergies) or a stack of reciipe cards so everyone can take home a loaf for now, bake one for later -- look up an authentic recipe for this, and include your source (i.e. 'this recipe comes from Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales")

    6. Paperback copies of Medieval Romance Poems or similar

    7. Translation from Old English into Modern of a love poem you both like, printed on nice paper, maybe with calligraphy for the first letter of each line, rolled like a scroll, with ribbon
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