Arghhh! Photographer Help!

I am getting so frustrated about finding a photographer. I figured I am a year out so I should probably start seriously looking for a photographer. Well I finally convinced my fiance to extend our price tag on a photographer up by a tiny amount. So now we can spend up to $1300-$1400. Which seems like a tiny itsy bitsy amount. However, that is almost a fourth of our total budget.

So, here is my dilemma. I am looking for a specific type of photographer. Nothing traditional or classic. I want something a little more artsy and fun. And I have found a couple that I really like. However, when I get the email back from them with the pricing it is WAY out of my price range. I am just getting frustrated because I keep looking and looking and finding a listing of Omaha photographers is hard enough, let alone artistic fun creative ones that are within my excruciatingly difficult price range.

I do want the package to include high resolution copies of all images. Basic editing. And rights to the images as well. Preferably 6-8 hours of photography coverage.

So, do any of you wonderful ladies have any idea who might match my criteria?

Thanks for your help!


Re: Arghhh! Photographer Help!

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    I would check out 40 Nights Photography. If you dont want them to include the engagement photo shoot, they are usually around $1000. Not only that, but Nathan is super nice and will work with you with your budget. Just make sure to ask a lot of questions!
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    Here's my friend Chase's site...its 1000$ and she does great work...she's going to be doing ours :)
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    Try Amber Durr Photography. I think she was like 1200 + 100 for the engagement session and that included the rights to the photos!!
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    Ivy Snow Photography
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    look up summer dickenson. You will not believe how cheap she is and she is very good from what Ive seen. For all day its 675 ( I think) and you get 2 photographers, all rights, for prints its cheaper than walmart! She just believes that everyone deserves good photography without the high price
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    Definitely 40 Nights Photography!! Nathan is very reasonably priced (we got the biggest package you can get for $1700 and they go down in price from there...) Not to mention, Nathan is so kind and easy to work with - really puts you at ease and captures real moments.

    He is extremely artistic and photojournalistic! I absolutely love his work. Check out his facebook page or website:

    You won't be disappointed....
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    Im super picky when it comes to photography (being a photographer myself) and it would depend on the level of rights to the photo you are looking for ( I don't know of any photographer that will give you complete rights to the photos- I don't even to my closest friends).  But you may want to check out Collen Dustin she has absolutely stunning photos  (her most cost efficent package starts at $1500) but she has the best of any of the ones listed above- IMO. She can work with you a bit on pricing - at least worth looking at.

    Another photographer that is good especially for artsy stuff- I have 2 actually:

    and (look him up on FB as his site is under construction)

    Hope this helps! 
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    I was like you in what I wanted in a photographer. Although having photos to capture our day was very important and I wanted this specific style, I knew that we have a limited budget in general. I found Meri Valentin at a bridal fair at the DC center. She took a picture of my ring and sent it to me a couple days later. I fell in love with her style and the way she captured the beauty of my ring next to the flowers she photographed it with. I met with her and she was great at listening to what we wanted and giving her own great ideas.

    We are getting 6 hours (which she said would be plenty - we gave her the details of our wedding in talking and asked her to be upfront if it was enough). We get an engagement session, the rights to print after both the engagement session and wedding (images on cd) and online proofing.  I think what I love most is her creative style and personality. 

    Here is her website: http://www.merivalentin dot com and you can find her on Facebook too.

    Good Luck!
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    Christine Burright McGuigan. Email her. Her website says her package is $1600 or $1700, but I emailed her and she is doing 8 hours with all edited hi res photos on a CD with copyright release for $950. She is so sweet and so willing to work within your budget, and her work is AMAZING. HTH! =]
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    Christopher Tierney Photography!!! Really reasonable, really fun, you get 2 photogs...
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    rebecca Ellison photography,
    her packages start at 1000 and she include a cd of all professionally edited images, an engagement session, no time limits  and a second photographer.  She is very nice and is probably one of the better photographers in town...especially for her amazing prices! check her out!!

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