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Louisiana-Baton Rouge

Honeymoon shopping

I live in Lafayette. Can anyone tell me what's a good place to find reasonably priced casual summer clothing such as shorts, t-shirts, & summer dresses?
We are honeymooning in the mountains in Arkansas so I was more interested in shorts and t-shirts. I already have plenty of lingerie :)

I would be willing to shop in the Baton Rouge area as well.

Re: Honeymoon shopping

  • Old Navy, Target, JCPenny, Macy's
  • Thanks! I am going to Old Navy for khakis and polo shirts. Just got a new job. I plan to go to Macy's for their One Day Sale this weekend.
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    I find that Old Navy has the BEST summer clothes!! Probably around the same price range as target. Also, congrats on the new job!
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  • Thanks! I went to Macy's and got some cargo shorts, shoes, a dress, and a shirt to wear with jeans and wedges to my bachelorette party--for $111

    I will go to Old Navy for khakis and hopefully they will have polo shirts too.
  •  Other then Macy's and Old Navy I like American Eagle, Bananna Republic, Ann Taylor Loft, and a place called Jewlies off of Rena and Bertrand.  jewlies has some really good dresses I love everything I have bought there
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  • I like Banana Republic as well. Although IF they had shorts I liked they would probably be well over 100 dollars a piece. I was looking for cheaper prices. I have been to jewelie's. I saw one cute dress and it was 100. I wouldn't have thought it was worth that much.
  • Wow I have never seen something there that expensive at Jewlies.  I have gotten so many things there actually and none of my dresses are over 30-40 from her.  I agree about the Bananna shorts lol.  That's why I try to only buy if it's on sale there and the same goes for the Loft lol.  I know of a couple more places but I need to get the actual names for them.  I will get it back to you later today/tomorrow
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  • Ok thanks. Yeah the dress was a white dress (that costs 100).It was a nice summer dress but still looked kinda casual. Wouldnt have paid that much for it. I have got good deals at Banana Republic. Especially when there is an exta 30 or so off on clearance.

    I am done honeymoon shopping for now though. I still got to buy some work clothes for my new job which starts after my honeymoon.
  • I havent even started with honeymoon shopping I have a year before our wedding and I am trying to get money down on everything else first even though I want to go clothes shopping. I need some more work clothes too.  I think I might stop by Jewlies this weeked I have a gift certificate right now.
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    Don't forget all the pre-wedding parties! I waited until the last minute to shop for these and that was a stressful mistake. You'll probably need to shop for:
    Engagement Party
    Bridal Showers
    Bridesmaid Luncheon
    Bachlorette Party
    Rehearsal Dinner
  • Thank you mom and mardi gras because I got a white dress perfect for the rehersal dinner a few years back but as for the others I really dont have much.  I have an all white Michael Kors dress but thats only one thing. What and where did you go and get for all the various events?
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    I mainly saved the "white" for my wedding day and shopped all over the place for these parties. I found dresses on sale at Ann Taylor, Cache, and spurged on a few items from local boutiques. Carriages in Bocage Shopping Center has good sales and beautiful things. Dolci Modi is a beautiful boutique and they are having summer sale now. I also bought a dress from Yvonne LaFleurs in New Orleans which along with my Dolci Modi dress was definitely a splurge.
    If you have time to do some looking you could browse though Tangor Outlet, Steinmart, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Burlington Coat Factory. Also, Dillard is having a 30% off sale items that starts today.
  • Hello Sales!!! Thank you!

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