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Wedding/Reception in Orleans/Monroe County Park

HELP! Mt fiance and I thought we would be having our wedding reception at a nice facility in Rochester, but today my fiance told me that he is behind on his car payment and his car may be reposessed. On top of that, he has many medical bills to pay because he had a heart transplant a few years ago and he is struggling financially. I, myself, am not in the best place financially either, and my parents are giving us $10,000 to get married. I would like to only use $5000 and keep the other half for us to get our finances straightened out (or at least helped.....) and I am stressing big time...

I would like to try to do a $5000 wedding in a park where we can rent tents for low cost, and my father will be doing the ceremony. I am going to ask my uncle to do the cake and possibly family to make the food.

My problem is I do not know which parks are pretty enough for a wedding, I don't even know where any parks really are! I have tried googling this... I have gone on the monroe county parks webpage and tried to get more info there.

Does anyone know of a beautiful park where I could hold this type of event for about 200 people?? Anyone know of very inexpensive tent rental people???

Any help is awesome, and thanks!
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Re: Wedding/Reception in Orleans/Monroe County Park

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    Growing up in Webster, I can say that Webster Park has some gorgeous views, right on Lake Ontario. Lots of parking and nice open spaces. It also has a building called the White House on one of the cliffs overlooking the lake, which you might be able to talk to someone about renting if it meets your needs. http://www.monroecounty.gov/parks-webster.php
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    Thanks Aimee :) I will check it out
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    You might want to check out Roger Robach Community Center at Ontario Beach Park

    It's right on the beach and can hold up to 200 people.  That same park aslo has a variety of shelter that hold a lot of people as well.  It does book up rather quickly as it's a pretty area to get married.  We briefly looked into it as I asked my husband out while walking down Charlotte Pier which is at the park but we ended up doing a small wedding at his parent's lake cottage.

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    Keep posting for tips on how to keep costs down, check out the Budget board to see what other brides have done to make their wedding look great for less, and sign up for all the LivingSocial, Groupon and Huge Daily Deals in your area. Vistaprint is going to be your best friend too!!
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    The easiest way to save money on a wedding is to cut your guest list. It will be real tough to have a wedding for 200 people with $5000, depending on what you want your wedding to be. Feeding 200 people will take most if not all of your budget. It can be done but it will be tough.

    I am new to the Rochester area, but I have been to Webster park, it is beautiful like she said.
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