Valley Forge Casino Reception anyone?

Hi ladies! Has anyone had our been to a reception at the valley forge casino? My fiance and I are going next weekend for a tour but I'd like to hear anyone experiences with the venue as I've actually never been there! ATM that's our only real idea for a reception site, so if not there anyone have any ideas similar (reception venue/lodging) in the KOP/Conshohocken kind of area? I have a lot of our of towners coming!

 Happy Saturday!
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Re: Valley Forge Casino Reception anyone?

  • I'm having my reception there. All the items that are included was what sold me. I haven't been to a reception there but I have friends who have. They said it was awesome because after the wedding they went to the bar and the nightclub(which is no longer there). The bars are open until 2am which is fantastic because my in laws-to-be are from Ireland.
  • Wow they closed the nightclub in a hurry! I think part of it's problem was it's location. All I know about is the hotel area and their ballrooms. Some of the smaller ones are fine but some of them require walking through other rooms to get to them. (Maybe they use them differently for conferences, but I was there for a conference and had to walk thru the back of another conference to get to the room we were using. They have multiple rooms so it's a matter of getting the right ones. Also the casino may have totally seperate rooms from the hotel, not sure.
  • FSB what kind of things were included? I heard they had a nightclub I'm kind of sad its closed! But the bars being open until 2 is a good feature for our friends! :) 
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  • They include the wedding cake, the flower centerpieces, 5 hr open bar(which is optional) and hors D'oeuvres plus the normal food options. If your guest are into gambling, they get free access to the casino floor because there's normally a cover but I'm not sure of the amount. I agree, the hotel is spread out but the two popular ballrooms (Waterford & The Grand) are on one side but not that close together. So if there were another wedding going on, you wouldn't have to worry about guests going to the wrong room. I personally liked The Grand because its more traditional & spacious. The Waterford is more of a performers ballroom because it has a stage. It reminds me of a concert hall a little bit. Oh, and the nightclub has been turned into Dueces Wild & has a mechanical bull.
  • oh wonderful! I like the mechanical bull! lol! thank you do much! I'm really excited to see what the place looks like this weekend! :)
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  • Would make for some fun pics of the bride in her veil and jeans riding the bull! Not sure if they'd let you get away w/it but it sounds fun.
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