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April 2013 Weddings

One year engagement?

Hello Ladies!

I am newly engaged and new to the knot! I got engaged about 1 week ago.  I am so thankful the knot is here and all of you for great advice!

Fiance and I were originally thinking a 2 year engagement, getting married March 2014. I wasn't too happy about the extra long engagement but it gives us plenty of time to save (and do lots of DIY)! :)

Now, we are considering about April 2013. Less time to save, but it can be done.  My question to everyone is how long have you been engaged? And how far along are you in the planning process since you have about a year left? And of course, how stressful has it been?

Thanks for all your help!
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Re: One year engagement?

  • Hi there and welcome!

    We got engaged on February 3rd and so for we have only done some of the  "big picture" stuff like deciding on a budget. We actually haven't set an offical date because we are trying to coordinate between a receiption venue and a ceremony cite. We also started drafting a guest list with "must haves" on them. Again so we can have an idea on what we need to rent etc.

    Hope that helps!
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  • Hey Texas! Welcome! My FI and I have been engaged for almost a month now and have decided on budget (which is why we're waiting a year), venue (ceremony and reception), photog, and today I bought my dress. 

    I got all of that done early because the summer months, I'm gone every other week and I didn't want to do ANYplanning from May-August. The stress hasn't been bad at all, just making sure that we'll have enough money come next April. 

    It's totally do-able to plan a wedding in any amount of time. A 2 year engagement would be nice to have plenty of spending money, but it can be frustrating to be "just engaged" for two years. That decision is completely up to your and your FI, though. Getting ideas from internet strangers is great, but take it simply as friendly advice that you can take or leave. :)

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  • i got engaged on dec 17th 2011....We made the big decisions quite quickly..hall..church etc.....really when it comes down to it u have to just budget your time...u can totally do it in a year....planning is still stressful over a 2 year period...whether you are engaged for 1 year or 2,....everything still has to be checked over the last couple of months right before the wedding anyways...I feel that is when  planning will be most stressful and we all have to get through that point.

    id say if u can do it april 2013 dont wait....for me even waiting this long has felt forever!!! but thats just me
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