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Jewelry Ideas...

Hi, I need help with jewelry for my bridesmaids.  Here are my main girls dresses & also my jr bridesmaids.  I am thinking necklaces & for sure for the main girls, maybe something fun & larger - nothing delicate.
For the jrs I was thinking no necklace, instead earrings & a bracelet.
Help, accessorizing is not my thing...

Main girls (they are wearing silver shoes - so prefer silver jewelry - not gold):

Junior Bridesmaids (they are wearing the black shoes in the pic & will be 13 & 16 yrs old by my wedding day - so nothing too immature)

Re: Jewelry Ideas...

  • Are you crafty? You could buy strands of 10mm chinese crystals or glass pearls in the same or complimentary color say another shade of pink or tangerine or jsimply black or black and pink. If you buy from ebay it is ok to buy from chinese and hongkong sellers. I have ordered from them it takes longer but I always get my order. If you do not know how to make beaded jewelry go to the library and check out some books or barns and noble and buy one. Either way you can get the necklaces all the same give a memorable gift set of bracelet erarrings and neclace.
  • I wish I was, but unfortunately I have no clue about jewelry making I only have 40 more days left so I am looking to just purchase something to keep my life stress free well as stress free as possible. Lol I checked out Macy's but not Kohls yet. I didn't like anything from Lia Sophia either.
  • Qzees,Try Lisa at .
    She is super crafty and can come up w/ something original for your wedding. I have 2 friends who have purchased and they are very happy with her.

    : )
  • I found this set - there is also a bracelet that goes with it.  I think it works nicely, what do you girls think?
    The main girls (long dresses) will get the set (earrings & necklace) and the Jrs (short dresses) will get the earrings & bracelet.

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