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Incorporating neighbors into my wedding?

My fiance and I decided to keep our wedding kids-free. Most children in the family are too small to come to a wedding anyway, and the few that are old enough are spoiled brats that we've seen cause trouble at weddings before. However, we have 4 kids (2 will be 12 and 2 will be 15, so they're more teens) who we want to attend. To avoid insulting the other families with children, we're trying to incorporate them into the wedding. Two (my fiances neice and nephew) will be junior bridesmaids/groomsmen. The other two are my parents neighbors and are like little sisters to me. I was thinking about asking them to hand out programs, or to act as ushers. Any other creative ideas or thoughts on the issue??

Re: Incorporating neighbors into my wedding?

  • OliveOilsMomOliveOilsMom South Jersey member
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    Unless you have these other two kids in the WP, I don't see how you won't offend other people.  They are your neighbor's kids.  They are not blood relatives, even if you see them as little sisters.  And I don't think the crappy job of handing out programs or acting as an usher, will satisfy some relatives who will get butt hurt, when they realize other kids were invited to the wedding but their little Johnny wasn't.
  • Age 12-15 is more than old enough to be a bridesmaid. If you feel like they are "sisters" to you, why not ask them to be bridesmaids?

    "Junior" bridesmaid/groomsman is a silly title, too.
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    To be honest, it sounds like the neighbors are old enough that you aren't breaking your 'no kids' rule.  When people say 'no kids' at a wedding, they are imagining a little 4 year old throwing off her dress and streaking around yelling at the top of her lungs ( at least I do, because I've seen it  happen :P)

    Obviously these 4 are old enough to behave themselves and stay quiet (and clothed!) during the wedding.  I can't imagine a single family member poo-pooing you unless they have similarily aged children that weren't invited.
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