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Rhode Island

Towers Bride-Where does the rehearsal actually take place?

Hi All,

I'm a friday 9/13/13 Towers Bride and I was wondering where does the actual rehearsal take place the night before? I know they are booked up for weddings most friday/saturdays so how do you rehearse if your ceremony and reception are both at the same place? (my friend is going to get his ordained minister license and marry us!)  My wedding is friday so I wonder if they will let us rehearse at the towers the thursday night before.

I've emailed Kate Vivian but I'm not sure how long she will take to reply.
Thanks Ladies!
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Re: Towers Bride-Where does the rehearsal actually take place?

  • It is usually not a problem. Kate is a ery busy lady and you certainly have time to work it out. If for some reason you can't actually do it in the Towers that day, (most likely later afternoon, like 3ish 4 ish) Thursday is most likely an option, but also consider just practicing in the courtyard. I am not sure when you emailed Kate, but give her time :) Hope this helps.
  • I just emailed her today and yes I will def give her time. thank you!!!
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