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Family Dilemma! Help!!

I was not planning on having my cousin in my wedding. I did not even think it would even be a possibility until she was "engaged" for about a week and asked me to be in her wedding... Well when I saw her for lunch she said she would be really upset if she wasn't in my wedding AND "make sure I am in the front because I was in a wedding before and was towards the back and it made me mad, so make sure I am in the front"... We are not friends but we are family that sees each other often and she has a terrible attitude and is not someone that I want my future grandparents to be around. I realize she will be there and around them I just don't want that image to be portrayed to my future in-laws and friends. 
What do I do and say? 

Re: Family Dilemma! Help!!

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    Say nothing about this unless she specifically mentions being your bridesmaid.

    Cousin: "I can't wait to be your bridesmaid/When are we going to look for dresses?/I'm the Maid of Honor, right?/You'd better not put me in purple because I hate purple."

    You: "I've already chosen my bridal party."

    Cousin: Whine, moan, biitch, grunt, scream, threaten, cry.

    You: "Sorry you feel that way, but FI and I already have the bridal party set." *walk away or hang up phone*

    The end.
  • "If everyone we loved was standing up with us, there would be no one left to watch the ceremony!"
  • Also, why "engaged?"  Is she actually engaged or is she not?
  • I would ask this girl to do a reading - you're still including her that way but not in your bridal party.

  • If she's really that much of a snot, make her the guest book attendant. Tongue out

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    [QUOTE]"If everyone we loved was standing up with us, there would be no one left to watch the ceremony!"
    Posted by gottahavashorti[/QUOTE]

    That is absolutely perfect! Do it!
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