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  • Oh an on a side note, when you do pick the ring and buy it I strongly reccommeng getting the life time coverage on it if they offer it. We got my ring and Helzberg and bought the life time warrenty coverage and it has been a life saver(I didn't care if we got it but my fiance insisted). It covers re-sizing, cleaning, re-rodium (re-coating it with the white gold if it wears), and repairs. Mine even covers my diamonds should they fall out.  I have already saved a ton because of it. I have had 3 re-coatings and and the settings fixed. (My skin wears the white gold plating off fast) They say it depends on the skin. Just a bit of advise. :)  
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: No Idea : Either the first or second.  Don't break your budget if you don't have to.  I would probably go with the second one.   I wonder what the differences are between the second and third.  From that description, it sounds like they should be the same price.
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    </div><div>It was about $200 more for the D VS1 than the D VS2 of a larger size.  The question now comes to:</div><div>
    </div><div>.42, Ideal, D, VS2</div><div>
    </div><div>.41, Ideal, E, VS1</div><div>
    </div><div>I would love it if you couldn't really see any inclusions, and don't know if VS2 is pushing that.  I would also love to be able to tell her that she has a perfectly colorless diamond, seeing as she's big on quality and all.  I just don't want that to come at the cost of seeing this huge blemish, you know?</div>
  • I think it depends, some people include their families in on the proposal, some like to announce it. When my cousin got engaged her then boyfriend involved the family. He did it on Christmas Day. He snuck her ring into her stocking. When she was getting her stuff out she found the box and turned around to find him down on one knee, and her family was there for it. That meant a lot to her.

    For me it was different. Everyone knew it was coming, and my finace can't keep secrets so he took me shopping for the ring, and after we got it I got to make the call and say IT FINALLY HAPPEND... ha ha. We had been together for almost 5 years though.
  • I think I have an idea down for the proposal.  Maybe I can test it out here and see what you think.  Her dad will know it's coming, but I'm going to keep it to that probably.  He'll know because I'm going to ask his permission, which is not really a question so much as a tradition, one that the GF will appreciate.

    So we've been dating for a little over 4 years.  Each anniversary I gave her at least two presents, one random thing she'd like and one that was a symbol of the last year we had together.  So for the first anniversary I got her a ceramic, Boyd's bears movie theater, because our first date was at a really cool outdoor movie theater event.  For the second year I got her a fancy Italian jewelry box that played "I Left My Heart in San Francisco", because we had just moved to San Francisco.  The third year was shortly after she finished a professional school and entered into her first real job - she had always said she wanted really nice earrings but no one would get them for her becasue they were too adult of a gift (so this was her "you've become an adult" gift).  A few months ago was our fourth anniversary, and we just moved to a very snowy state.  So I got her a snow globe with a couple sitting by a campfire in front of a camper trailer (an outdoor adventure scene) as a symbol of our new home together, the adventure of driving across the country to get there, and the general snowy place that it is.  On each of these gifts was a statement along the lines of "To ___ on our 1st" for our 1st anniversary and so on.  This year it said "To __ on the beginning of our new adventure", and she noticed this deviation.  The idea was to be that this gift would symbolize the actual proposal, or the beginning of our new adventure.

    We don't get to go home for Christmas this year, it's too expensive, so it will be our first one away from family.  But she's really excited, because it'll also be our first white Christmas.  Because she loves horses, the outdoors, and Christmas, my idea was to take her to a local woods / stables and go on a sleigh ride, something neither of us have been able to do because that doesn't exist in our home state at all.  At the end of the ride there would be a campfire and hot chocolate, with just us two (we're both sort of "private" people).  I was planning on giving that speech and others while proposing at the campfire, leading into it with the connection that this year's anniversary gift was really not about the anniversary at all.

    Thoughts on what I could do to enhance the day, or what to do after the ride?  Knowing her she might not be up for a big outing to a restaurant afterwards, but I don't know about just going home after the ride and calling it a day you know?
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    You bring up a good point - my biggest concern is that it will be hard not having any family around, she'll have to call everyone.  This could either make it not as big a deal to not have family for Christmas or make it an even bigger deal.  But there will be family around about a week after.
  • Any ideas on things I can do afterwards to make it seem special?  I was thinking maybe making her a nice home cooked dinner with some Christmas movies?  I don't want the night to just end afterward.  But I'm usually very busy, and when I do have free time she defaults to almost always wanting to just hang out around the house together, rather than going out and doing something.  In that sense, we're both pretty private.
  • I think that making the proposal like the snow globe scene is awesome, it will make that present mean that much more. Do you think that her not having family there for it is going to bother her? I didn't have my family and it didn't take away in the least, I was so excited to call with the news, and the disbeliefe in my dads voice made me giggle.  As far as something after it happens, I don't think you should worry about it, I mean you can have something in mind just in case, but I was so excited I just wanted to call everyone!

    I think the most important thing about it is that it represents the two of you. It sounds like you have planned something that speaks for who you are as a couple.

    I didn't get a fancy proposal , but I am happy with that because that is who we are. My finace can't keep secrets or surprises, he gets too excited and tells me, and I am the same way. So when we tell our story people know that's who we are.  We went shopping for the ring and ended the day just watching a movie together at home.
  • I think that sounds adorable!  And your idea of size, color, and clarity sound great for your price range! We got a great deal at Fred Meyer with a lifetime waranty for about $1300 that was .49 carats, e color, vs2 clarity, and very good cut i believe.  It's beautiful and I would definitely go with color over clarity.
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  • I like the 3 stone ring idea.  I didn't read all of the advice, but I would definitely go with real diamonds instead of an alternative.  If she likes nice things, she will know.  Your love and choice of rings is what matters now.  Later you can upgrade if she wants when you have your med school loans paid off.  Good luck. 
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    [QUOTE]I like the 3 stone ring idea.  I didn't read all of the advice, but I would definitely go with real diamonds instead of an alternative.  If she likes nice things, she will know.  Your love and choice of rings is what matters now.  Later you can upgrade if she wants when you have your med school loans paid off.  Good luck. 
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    </div><div>Ya, that's what I was thinking, although knowing her I don't know if she'd want bigger than what would be on the latest version that's been posted (granted that I haven't seen it in person haha).  I just think she would be much more interested in quality than quantity, so I never really considered alternatives to diamonds, not that there is a problem with them.  But in the interest of knowledge, would it be possible to change the prongs to accomodate significantly larger diamonds in any of the three positions for that ring?  Say, from a .4 to a 1.4 or something like that.  I don't know how flexible that kind of thing is.</div><div>
    </div><div>Also, I was curious about something I've noticed.  The latest ring posted has the stones sort of lifted up off the ring itself, with you able to see the bottom of the stones.  Is this done so that it sparkles more?  I was a little surprised when I didn't see more rings where the bottoms of the stones was concealed.</div>
  • Leaves and Buds from BrilliantEarth.com only $1100!  This was my second choice.  I didn't want a wedding band on top of it, just one single ring.



  • I think I have to go with the pear shaped ring.  I was looking for her class ring in her jewelry box to see what size it was, and found what I think might be her mom's engagement ring.  It's almost the exact same style.

    Well at least I hope it was her mom's lol.  I guess it could've been some gift her grandma gave her years ago.  That would be awkward....
  • Just ordered the ring... this is the scariest purchase I've ever made haha.  Cold feet for sure!
  • I would go with a ring you can afford, and if you want to "upgrade" later, it is always a possibility. When my parents got married my dad was still paying off medical school, so my mother had a simple solitaire engagement ring.  On their twenty-fifth anniversary, they were much better off financially, and he added two baguettes to her ring, but kept the same center diamond.  I think its a really nice idea - the marriage is the most important thing, and you could do some sort of an upgrade in the future to celebrate your years together.  Hope the proposal goes well!

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