Going to David's Bridal in Two Weeks

This is my first time shopping for a wedding dress and I'm frankly terrified. What should I expect going into this appointment?

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  • Read the dress shopping tips. Are you going alone? I highly recommend picking out some favorites online and coming in with a print out. At the very least know what styles you are looking for and to reduce the stress try to avoid styles that you might love but really might not work with your body shape.They will have you fill out your info yes, even if you have an online account and try to get you to sign up for thier credit card don't interest rate is high. The salesperson will chat with you measure you if not sure of size bring a few dresses for tryon. That's basically it. It takes everyone a few visits so don't be dismayed if you don't instantly find 'the one'! Hit the shoe and veil department for an instant boost! : let us know how it goes.
  • I went to David's 2 weeks ago and I was nervous as it was my first time trying on dresses.  The David's I went to had terrible reviews online, but I wanted to go their first to narrow down what styles were flattering (I had another appointment at a different salon scheduled for later that afternoon).  In the end, I was pleasantly surprised with my experience with David's - - I ended up buying my dress there. 

    First, my recommendation would be to bring at least 1 person with you, as you may need help getting into gowns in the dressing room.  My appointment was on a Saturday and I was told in advance that my consultant would be working with me and another bride at the same time.  It certainly was NOT the "say yes to the dress" TV show type experience, although my group did have seats outside my dressing room, so that was nice.  My consultant brought me dresses, but my maid of honor was the one getting me in and out of them.  This was fine by me, as I am comfortable with my MOH.  I wore spanx and a strapless bra to my appointment. 

    Also, before your visit, I would go onto David's website and sign up for an account.  You can then click on "favorites" and create a list of your favorite dress styles that you want to try on.  You can print it out and bring it with you.   I had about 20 dresses on my "favorites" list, which is a lot, but I did that because I assumed that there would be some that simply were not available in my size to try on.  However, I have to say that they had plenty in my size (Size 20)for me to ultimately try on.  I think I tried on about 15 dresses total, all of which could actually zip up!  Hurray for plus size samples!!  

    I ended up finding a dress I loved, but I still had another appointment at another salon, so I didn't want to pull the trigger until I saw the dresses at the other store.  My consultant was great because she didn't pressure me to "buy it today!" She encouraged me to try on stuff at the other store, but did say "we're open til 7pm if you want to come back!"  We ended up going to the other salon and comparing everything to the dress that we all loved at David's.  We ran back to David's that afternoon and ordered the dress. (I bought Style 9PK3218)

    I was happy to learn that my dress was also on sale.  I was prepared to spend up to $1500 on a dress if it looked good (as a plus size person, I often fall into that trap where I'll pay too much for something if it looks great because, well, things often don't look great on me).   At David's, my dress came in at $499.  I was THRILLED!  I even ordered a sash that was on sale for $29 bucks!  Done and done! 

    Ultimately, the dress I bought was one that I didn't think would look good on me, but I absolutely love it.  I think if you keep an open mind about styles you may be pleasantly surprised.  Don't feel pressure to buy on your first trip unless you LOVE it. 

    Good luck!  
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  • I've picked out probably ten dresses online - I called the store and they said the one I really REALLY love is in stock in a size 20 to try on. Hopefully I can at least get it on enough to see what it looks like. I don't really know what "dress size" I am.
  • Just be open to things you wouldn't otherwise consider.  Also, wear proper undergarments. Spanx and a strapless bra is a good idea.   Bring a bottle of water. Those dresses get hot.

    Also, don't limit yourself to David's Bridal.  I found that Alfred Angelo and Mori Lee dresses were far superior in quality than the David's dresses I tried on, and they were very close in price.  Try to find some salons that carry the Mori Lee "Julietta" line.  that is their plus size line. And look for an Alfred Angelo signature store.  They have a huge plus size selection also.
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    [QUOTE]I've picked out probably ten dresses online - I called the store and they said the one I really REALLY love is in stock in a size 20 to try on. Hopefully I can at least get it on enough to see what it looks like. I don't really know what "dress size" I am.
    Posted by CourtaniaLynn[/QUOTE]

    I found that David's sizing was close to my "street size," as I was fitting into 20s and that is what I wear.  When I went to the other bridal store, the 20s were not zipping at all.  I was told at David's that they can let dresses OUT 1 size, and take them IN up to 2 sizes.  I played it safe and ordered the size that fit me when I bought the dress. 

    I agree with the PP who said check out other stores as well.  I got my dress there, but it is by no means the only store with plus sizes!  I think the quality can be hit or miss at David's - -  some of the dresses I tried on felt like high quality, others felt cheap.  You really don't know until you try a bunch of stuff on.  Have fun!
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  • Good Luck

    My fiancee a a few months ago took me out to spluge on clothes.   Someone actually dressed me in clothes that were suited from my body.

    My inspiration for my dress beleive or or not came from my swimsuit.   My suimsuit this past summer was my favorite ever I felt like everything was held in where it should be and i felt great despite being a plus size girl in a suimsuit.   I am generally a size 20 on top and 18 on the bottom

    My idea of that dream gown from when I was 5 was no longer my dream gown.  I wanted to find something that fit my body the way it does now.  And I did find my dream gown.

    I didn't go to David's Bridal I went to a bridal boutique but I am sure it can't be any different.  

  • Have an open mind =)  You may have an idea in your head of what you want, but you will most likely walk away with something completely different!!  I would take a few of your favorite styles, whether they're from DB or not and see what they have that is similar to those styles. 

    Honestly, don't worry about what dress size you are. It doesn't matter.  You will be fitted for the right size.

    Take a strapless bra with you as well as SPANX...

    It's also good to take one person with you who you are very comfortable with and don't take an army or someone who is overly want it to be an enjoyable experience.

    Just remember to have an open mind and have fun! If you get overwhelmed take a few minutes to just chill in the room...and if you're done, you're can always go back or go to a different bridal store...(a lot of them do have afforable dresses)...
  • OP, I noticed you are in VA. I don't know how close you are to Fairfax, but if there is anyway possible I recommend you go to Curvy Girl Bridal.

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  • Melissanjoe makes a good point. I spent time looking at dresses online and was particularly drawn to a basic design that is very similar to a couple dresses I've had in the past that look really good on me. Ended up ordering one online from David's and I love it! And I bet no one will recognize the style as being something I often wear, it will just look like ME! Have fun looking!
  • keep an open mind. The dress you may never think you would like may be the one you fall in love with. My dress my mother, sister & I all thought was not pretty. The consultant brought it in insisting that I try it on, turns out she was right, it ended up being "the one"

    One suggestion is to move around in the dress and take the weight of it into consideration, especially if you are having your wedding during a warmer season. I love my dress but I know it's going to feel like I lost a ton of weight at the end of the night when i take it off because between the dress & the slip, it's so big & heavy.
  • Enjoy your trip -- great advice above!

    One side note:  if you do find *the* dress there, get an independent quote on alterations (even just a hem, etc.).  DB is notorious for expensive alterations.
  • I was terrified too-  my area does not have a lot of options, and i was afraid of having few choices. I picked out two strong contenders on the David's Bridal website, and my local store had both in stock for me to try on. My consultant was great and chose a third option to be safe. The two dresses were a similar style but very different in fabric and embellishments. I ended up trying them on twice but ended up with the first one.  it definitely is true- you really do feel it when it's the right one. Many others would have been just fine after many alterations, but it was much better to have the fit nearly perfect from the start. I'm not sure I could have made an easy decision otherwise.  
  • My best advice DONT GO TO DAVIDS BRIDAL!!!! They have been nothing but a nightmare! Spend a little more money for a superior quality dress and less stress!!
  • Update!

    I had to postpone my original appointment due to unforeseen circumstances, so we went this past weekend. Yeah, in the middle of a hurricane.

    I brought my mom, my FMIL, FSIL, my future niece and my junior bridesmaid (basically my little sister). Way more people than I originally wanted, but it ended up being fun.

    I got a great consultant who took my list (of 16 dresses) and picked out the ones they had in my size - which wound up being 8-9 dresses. I tried on my favorite first, and every dress after that was compared and rated on a scale of 1-10 (my niece gave everything "1100"). 

    I wound up getting the first dress I tried on, the one I picked online as my favorite. I was surprised at how much fun I ended up having! It was actually a great experience. Thanks for all your help though, guys.
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