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Responsive caterers - do they exist in Denver?

Does anyone have solid recommendations for caterers in the Denver metro area? 

My fiance and I have contacted SO many--even those recommended by our coordinator--and they respond to our initial inquiry, but when we tell them our budget and/or ask them to tweak the proposal a tiny bit (like swaping a slider app for a cheese platter), some of them disappear! Like they don't respond to emails or phone calls. And our budget is not that small - $6000 for 100 people. 

I'm getting sick of terrible customer service. Anyone have any great experiences with particular catering companies?

Re: Responsive caterers - do they exist in Denver?

  • Elevated catering, the food guy are both great
  • The Pines Catering did ours, and they were great. Granted, our wedding was at their facility (The Pines at Genesee), but I found them to be really easy to work with.
  • Biscuits and Berries, they are responsive but generally takes a few days to hear back.
  • I had the same question at first. I found that many caterers after initial contact are better at communicating. I agree with you though, being busy is not an excuse for poor customer service. I have had good luck with Occasions and Epicurean.
  • I haven't booked them yet but so far [email protected] has been easy to work with and very responsive.  Not sure how the food is though. 
  • We also used Biscuits and Berries, we were very impressed.
  • This is a bit late, but we used Lifestyles Catering (they were affiliated with the venue that we used). They were absolutely wonderful and I was very impressed by their care, responsivness and food. We actually had a bunch of our guests ask if they would share some of their recipes, they were that good. Good luck on your search!

  • This is a late response, but Big Bang Catering, in Boulder I've been told has the BEST food for weddings. I'll be using them at their location. They cater for Whole Foods when they need someone. Lyle and John are super nice to talk with too.
  • which venue? I know a few venue offer catering included.

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