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After elopment dinner for just the two of us

Hey (again) everyone,

Since we have downgraded our big fat Irish wedding to an elopement I was wondering if anyone could suggest a restaurant where we could enjoy dinner after we are married, just the two of us?  We were having our reception at Nine Fine Irishmen pub but I'm not sure if that venue would be too casual for just the two of us decked out in all of our wedding attire since we won't have a private space anymore.  I've also thought about the restaurant under the Eiffel Tower or the one at the top of the Stratosphere but I was wondering where you guys might suggest that I may not even know about.

Any suggestions would be great!

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Re: After elopment dinner for just the two of us

  • I was worried about that too. I want to go straight from the chapel to dinner but dont want to look out of place.
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  • PaulandBrandy, maybe we will get some good suggestions!  I always have on here before. 
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  • Top of the world at the stratosphere is awesome. I would totally recommend that, we've been twice and love it!
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  • We had our wedding dinner at Top of the World at Stratosphere. 

    We really enjoyed it there. Food was very good and the view was just incredible.

  • I would for sure do Top of the World or the Eiffel Tower.
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  • What is your budget?  If I were eloping and had the budget for it, I'd probably splurge on a ridiculous restaurant that I would never go to any other time.  The type where I would feel guilty going to because of the price, but could justify because your wedding day is once in a lifetime.  Like perhaps one of Joel Robuchon's fancy pants places in the MGM?  Otherwise, I would go to a kick ass steakhouse, perhaps like Carnevino at the Palazzo (which gets excellent reviews) or Craftstreak at the MGM, or Prime at the Bellagio. 
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