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GTKY: The last 10 years

I stole this from the GP board, it looked like something fun to do.

Starting in 2002, what were the highlights or defining events of the past 10 years? 15 words or less per year.

2002: Started working for Sunrise (this May is 10 years!)
2003: Decided I did not want to be a teacher put school on hold.
2004: Bough a car 100% on my own
2005: Bought my dream car
2006: Relocated to a new city, went on cruise w/sister
2007: Sold dream car & got a hybrid, went back to school
2008: Finally walked away from toxic ex
2009: Met DH, received bachelors degree
2010: Moved in with hubs (then bf)
2011: Got Engaged, Changed jobs, started Masters degree
2012: Got Married!

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Re: GTKY: The last 10 years

  • Let's hear it for getting rid of toxic exs!

    2002: Broke up with toxic ex.  Met H in grad school.
    2003: Stopped interacting with toxic ex.
    2004: Started working FT.  Realized hated my doctoral program.  Quit school.
    2005: Began dating H.
    2006: Nasty car accident & surgery.
    2007: Went back to school in a new doctoral program.
    2008: Received great promotion at work. 
    2009: Took & passed comprehensive exams for doctoral program. 
    2010: Moved in with H.  Started new job.  Graduated with Doctorate - FINALLY.
    2011: Got engaged. Changed jobs.
    2012: Got Married!
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  • 2002:  Got my D.L
    2003: Moved to Holland for 1 year
    2004: Started dating toxic ex
    2005: Graduated High School
    2006: Broke up with toxic ex
    2007:  Enjoyed life
    2008: Got a promotion to A.D./Met H
    2009: Graduated with my B.A.
    2010: Enjoyed life.
    2011: Moved to CO
    2012:Got Married
  • edited March 2012
    2002: had wierd 7th grade hormone thingys that make me not like my students
    2003: Started high school
    2004: dated toxic ex and broke up
    2005: Started Dating DH
    2006: Got DL
    2007: Graduated High school
    2008: Added a second Major, DH graduated high school
    2009: lived on campus
    2010: Got engaged/ concussion from falling down stairs
    2011: recovered from falling down stairs, sewed a wedding dress
    2012: Got married, student taught, graduated from college
  • 2002: Marched in Classics A Winter Indoor Colorguard
    2003: Graduated from Southern Lehigh High School in June/ Started community college at Lehigh Carbon Community College in August/ Started dating Toxic Ex in December
    2004: Moved in with Toxic Ex in May
    2005: Graduated from Lehigh Carbon Community College in May with Associate's Degree/ Started at Kutztown University in August
    2006: Not sure if I had any highlights this year....
    2007: Graduated from Kutztown University in December with Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education
    2008: Moved to FL in January with Toxic Ex/ Got hired as Co-Manager at Bath and Body Works
    2009:Left BBW and started at a Preschool/ Met H in January at work while being engaged to Toxic Ex/ Left Toxic Ex in Oct and moved back home to PA/ Got my first teaching job once back in PA
    2010: H asked a mutual friend from work for my # and we reconnected and started webcamming/ moved to FL after the 2009-2010 school year to have a relationship with H/ Got hired at Charlotte Russe as Key Holder
    2011: Got promoted to Assistant Manager at Charlotte Russe/ Moved in with H/ Got ENGAGED!!!
    2012: Got MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I SECOND hearing it for losing TOXIC EXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was with mine for 6 years :( At least I moved to Florida with him where I met my H at the preschool I worked at there!!

    Check out this video of the Colorguard I was in!!!
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  • I feel so old now.....:(
  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_january-2012-weddings_gtky-the-last-10-years?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:5a1804e7-e8c8-4829-9e61-b9d49f3a9b5fDiscussion:50569146-6233-47d7-9882-687a50fdadefPost:b7d040b8-0271-4cc0-9a11-ba1e498b03fa">Re: GTKY: The last 10 years</a>:
    [QUOTE]I feel so old now.....:(
    Posted by jtmh2012[/QUOTE]
    sorry... I feel mostly responsible. I was only in 7th grade 10 years ago..
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: GTKY: The last 10 years : sorry... I feel mostly responsible. I was only in 7th grade 10 years ago..
    Posted by awarm014[/QUOTE]

    10 years ago, I was out of college for 2 almost 3 yrs....
  • 2002: Had graduated from community college the year prior and was at Stockton College for my dance minor and literature major
    2003: My ex moved to Wilmington, NC and I spent the summer with him down there.
    2004: Finished my dance minor and worked my butt off in my literature program
    2005: Traveled back and forth from NJ to NC. Started my education degree.
    2006: Graduated with my litearture BA and elementary education degree. Left my ex and started a relationship with toxic ex. Moved in with him.
    2007: Started teaching 7th grade language arts. Had a terrible relationship.
    2008: Toxic ex moved out to persue school, but we continued to see eachother
    2009: Ended things with toxic ex. Met DH on Plenty of Fish.com. Started master's degree.
    2010: DH moved in with me. Got laid off from my teaching job due to budget cuts.
    2011: DH proposed! Started teaching computers part time at a new school. 
    2012: Got married! Will finish my master's in May!
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