Bridesmaid Dresses- Where to Shop?

I'm looking for ideas as far as where to shop for bridesmaid dresses.  I've been to MB Bride and Exquisite Bride and haven't found anything.  So I'm leaning towards JCrew's chiffon line, but want to make one last trip to be sure.  Where would you all recommend? 

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  • My BMs are choosing any style within Bill Levkoff's cocktail-length chiffon dresses at MB Bride. They are a reasonable price and MB Bride has a lot of different styles for them to try on. Watters also has a lot of beautiful chiffon dresses, MB Bride carries that designer as well. I know you said you've already been there, but I just wanted to suggest those designers since you like chiffon. I'm not sure which salons in the area carry Amsale dresses but that designer has a lot of chiffon options too.
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  • My girls are picking any long, satin, navy dress from Bill Levkoff. They live all over, but the 3 that are in PIttsburgh are getting theirs from Michael's Bridal - where I got my dress. Long dresses range from $190-$230. 
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    I would recommend going to the White Orchid on Rt. 51.  My bridesmaids got their dresses there, and a few friends of mine also used them for bridesmaid dresses when they got married.
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  • Have you checked out Bridal Beginning in Mt. Lebanon?  They have some designers that no one else in the area carries (i.e. Lazaro and Jim Hjelm).  My girls' dresses were Jim Hjelm and under $200.  We all had a great experience there.
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  • It's a little early for my girls to be shopping for their dresses, but I was thinking of J. Crew. I like the style of their dresses. I see someone suggested White Orchid and I've never heard of them- maybe I'll check it out.

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    [QUOTE]Have you checked out Bridal Beginning in Mt. Lebanon?  They have some designers that no one else in the area carries (i.e. Lazaro and Jim Hjelm).  My girls' dresses were Jim Hjelm and under $200.  We all had a great experience there.
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    My BM are getting theirs from BB too! They are long Chafon dresses by Bar Jay! I LOVE LOVE LOVE BB that is where I got my dress. Very friendly
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    "Alfred Angelo in Monroeville is awesome...that's where we found dresses when my best friend got married! They are so nice and they actually sit one on one with you and help with dresses that best suit you! "
  • Try Sorelle Bridal in Washington, PA.  I HIGHLY recommend them.  I purchased my dress there as well.  Love them!  This is my bridesmaid dress - the color is in Espresso, not yellow.  Very flattering for ALL body types.  It's chiffon, reasonably priced, comfortable, and comes in different necklines if you wanted the girls to be different.  I went with the tank neckline just because of body type and so they wouldn't be tugging at them all night.  The website is I have a junior bridesmaid and this dress is also available for a younger girl.  Good Luck!

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  • Thank you all!  Sorry for delayed response!  I am planning to check out Michaels, BB, White Orchid, and Sorelle's.  Bill Levkoff does have nice dresses and I liked them when I went out with my BMs, but once I got home and looked at the colors more, I realized they didn't have the shade of green I was hoping for.  Will let you all know how everything turns out.  Thanks again!
  • I've found some dresses I like online, but of course they don't list prices. I have to call some local salons to inquire.

    Also, a gal I know is opening a Bella Bridesmaids in Pittsburgh this fall!!! excited to check it out.
  • Bella Bridesmaids!  That is really exciting.  They have some really cute/unique styles.  Do you know what area of Pittsburgh?
  • I work at the alfred angelo in monroeville and i can attest to the selection and the colors; there are over 60 colors to choose from, the gowns are priced well, and they are all over the country if you have bms who are out of state :)
  • babettes in bridgeville.
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