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Ceremony Advice Please!

I want to do two ceremony readings at our wedding but I am not sure who to have do the readings. Noone outside of our bridal party jumps out to us as a good fit. Would be be odd to have a bridesmaid & a groomsman each do a reading?

Re: Ceremony Advice Please!

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    I've never seen a member of  bridal party do a reading at a wedding..but after all it is your wedding! You can do whatever you might be a nice unique twist on the ordinary :) I've seen aunts, friends, cousins, etc...but if you don't think anyone is a good fit..then by all means have the people you truly want reading at your wedding reading.
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    I don't think it would be weird, but it is a nice opportunity to have someone who isn't part of the wedding party be involved. I had my two friends who would have been bridesmaids if I had friend BMs (I only had my sisters). It's up to you though and I wouldn't think it was weird to have a BM/GM do it.
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    I've seen it done many times! It's not strange at all!
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    Thanks girls!
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