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Louisiana-New Orleans

Florist charge sales tax?

Hi there! Does your florist charge sales tax on your entire floral order or just on the flowers purchased? My florist is doing a lot of set up work and charged over 10% of taxes. Is the the case with everyone else?

Re: Florist charge sales tax?

  • I think most vendors have to charge tax on services rendered.  It's up to them whether they present the costs as included with tax or list it as a line item.
  • Only one of my vendors charged us taxes outside of our agreed upon price. The same vendor also charged us extra for parking. The rest of our vendors included these things in their package/ agreed upon prices. It was annoying but said vendor did do a  great job.

    As far as our florist goes, it was easy. We met with them once, agreed on a price, paid them 2 weeks before the wedding and that was it. No nitpicking charges. It was up to them to do it all with the money we gave them.
  • I'm not really sure of the breakdown... my situation was closer to carol. told my florist what i wanted to spend and what i wanted and she made it work. gave me price with taxes included.
  • Thanks ladies, I told my florist we wanted to stay within $2500 so she planned everything out for that much, now there is an additional $300 charge in taxes. Just a little fustrating when trying to stay in budget.
  • yea that is frustrating! I guess the same thing kinda happened to me but i asked her to rework it to get back where i needed to be. darn taxes in LA are so high!
  • Sales tax in New Orleans Parish is 9%. If the business is in Jefferson Parish it is 8.75%. They shouldn't be charging you 10%.
  • I'd ask the them to rework the proposal to include taxes in the $2500. Also, make sure they are including delivery and parking. Let them know that the number you gave them is your absolute bottom line.
    For most or us, it's our first time planning a wedding, so we don't know the ropes as well as our vendors. Sometime I think I trusted my vendors a little too much. Most were wonderful but I feel that some definitely took advantage of me/us.  
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