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We are inviting 150 guests, we anticipate 130, should we get cake for exactly 130 or do people not usually eat cake at weddings??

How many people are you inviting and how much cake are you getting?

Has anyone on here already had their wedding and can tell us how their wedding cake experience went?

Sorry, a lot of questions! :)

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  • plato79plato79 member
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    I plan to serve my cake at a cake table and not at THE tables where guests are seated. That being said, we ordered slightly under how many guests we're having and we'll serve any leftovers at the post-wedding brunch. If I recall properly we ordered 150-60 slices and we're expecting 190. My dad used to work weddings as a second job and he said that there was always TONS of cake left over. The servers can always stretch the cakes if needed...or cut bigger slices if needed. 
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    You are definitely correct that many people don't eat cake however take into account that unless otherwise told, most venues will pass out cake for everyone.

    Plato has a good idea to avoid that.
  • hcorr34hcorr34 member
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    We will have more than enough, but with the size tiers that I wanted and was able to afford, it just mad sense to go with extra.  FI and I are leaving on a road trip a day later and will be HAPPY to have some cake for snacks on the road!
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    We are planning on around 200 guests, and our cake will feed 180.  If we get a lot more than 200 people, we are thinking of ordering a sheet cake (same flavor/frosting) and serving that as backup.

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    In my experience every wedding that i have been to, either all the cake has been eaten, or there is very little left over.  Our bake recommended that we get the amount that would feed the number of guests we are expecting. 

    However, if you are also having other desserts, you might want to do a smaller cake.
  • ivyrose13ivyrose13 member
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    We have 175 on the guestlist and we are expecting 150. Our cake serves 183,  but that includes the top tier that we are saving for our anniversary.

    We wanted to play on the safe side, so we got enough cake for everyone, and any cake that is left over will be served at our Sunday morning brunch.
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  • jelenybeanyjelenybeany member
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    we're anticipating 35-45 people and I got a cake for 45...but that includes the top tier which she said will serve around six (we're not planning on saving that for our doesn't even really eat cake and i don't want frozen cake a year from now) so i ordered some crazy flavor combo for the top, and plan on eating that over our mini honeymoon.

    Also, like other have said, if there are leftovers, they will be eaten I'm sure.
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