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New 11/09/13 Bride!!

Hi, I was an October bride but now have changed to a November bride. My name is Silvia and my fiance and I got engaged the 7th of this month. I live in Arizona and planning on having are wedding in Maine and now going crazy because I have to do everything from across country. Do you all go by a checklist or anything.
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Re: New 11/09/13 Bride!!

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    Hi! Welcome to the board! And congrats on your engagement!

     I've been using a couple different check lists.  Mainly, I just think about what I want at my wedding and go from there. For instance, I knew I didn't want flowers, so I didn't need to research those, but that meant we had to design our own centerpieces. Start with a budget though- that's the most important piece of planning.
  • Hi and Welcome!!

    I'm with PPs- I'm also planning from out of state, using TK's checklist and also some guidelines set up by my coordinator, getting stuff done sometimes a bit earlier than they suggest. :) 

    Budget is definitely the most important part! And it can definitely vary depending on where you're having it so it might be good to get some research on what things are like in Maine!!

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    pinterest, obvi.

  • Thanks ladies, my FI is from Maine and his brother is getting married in December so they are giving us a few options. We have a budget set and our caters we just need to find venue that allows outside catering.
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