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I am looking for some game ideas for my friend's bachelorette party in two weeks.  Does anyone have any good ideas????

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    The only game I remember playing at the bachelorette parties I've been to was tying string around a hot dog, which was also tied around the waist, and trying to get the hanging/swinging hot dog into a jar between our feet.  All the others I've been to have been just bar hopping, sometimes with a list of tasks the bride had to perform throughout the night.
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    One "game" I have played is to have everyone write down a dare of sorts for the bride-to-be to do that night out at the bars.  Then you take all of the ideas (or just the top 10 if there are a lot of people or if some of the dares are too extreme) and create a check list (often I have seen the check list written on a tank-top that the bride wears, but it can just be a piece of paper if she doesn't want to wear it) and go out and literally check off everything throughout the evening.  I guess it's not really a game, but it's a way to make the bride do silly things (if she wants and is willing - don't force it on her because that's no fun). Obviously the ultimate goal is to get everything on this list checked off...and if you have a camera, make sure you get pics of her doing each thing - they'll be fun for a scrapbook or photo album later on (again, unless the dares are too extreme).
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    My friends party had a fun game & gift all in one...

    Each girl bought a (NEW) pair of undies for the bride-to-be and picked one they thought exuded their own personality. All the undies were hung on a clothesline across the room and when the bride came in to the party she had to guess who brought each pair (ex: I LOVE pink girly she knew the pink frilly undies were the ones I brought)  If she guesses correctly she can give someone else a jello shot and if she guessed wrong she has to take a jello shot.  And after the game she gets to take all the undies for her HM :)

    It works really well if it is a group of really close girls (otherwise it could be awkward)
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    That underwear game is so clever! It could be expanded to include all lingerie if the bach party or bridal shower was lingerie themed.
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