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Dress Alteration

I was referred to Tony King downtown for my dress alterations. Bridal & Formal owner said by far he is the best. Anyone ever use him? If so, what did you think and how pricey was he really?

Re: Dress Alteration

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    I went to him for a consultation and he was beyond rude to me, so needless to say I did not use him. He claims to be the best, but I've heard stories of him messing up brides dresses from other seamstresses. Some girls on here love him, but I was floored by his attitude. He quoted me $1,500 to alter my dress (granted there were a lot of alterations needed) but that was double what I paid for my dress. I ended up going to Lorie Schur in Fairfield and she altered my dress (same alterations that I had Tony quote me) for under $200! And I was way more comfortable with her than I was w/ him!

    That was just my experience with him, but if you are on the fence about it, just take it to him for a consultation. No one says that you have to use him just b/c you had a consultation.

    Good luck!

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    I am using Lori Schur also!!! I found her on here and went off of the recommendations by everyone, she is great to work with and her price is very reasonable!   I pick up  my dress next week!  When I was searching for someone for alterations I saw Tony Kings name on here a lot but he seemed to be very expensive and sounds like some people havent had the best experiences with him     I would def recommend Lori.
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    I've heard horror stories about Tony King. I know of a bride whose dress he completely destroyed. I think he contracts out his work.

    Also, he supposedly only does 'high end' brands. I called to talk to him when choosing a place, and he asked me the designer of my dress. When I replied (Mon Cheri) he said, "oh, I only do couture dresses".

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