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XP- Need advice

So I posted on here a few months back about being concerned about my dress not fitting when it came in. Well... I was right. I can literally get the dress on and that's it. No walking, sitting, nothing. It's so tight around my hips/thighs/butt it's not even funny. I've been eating healthier and working out for almost 4 weeks now and I'm losing weight, just not where I need to (in those three areas). Has anyone found a way to slim down that general region. I really only need to lose a few inches and I'll be good but obviously what I'm doing now isn't working.
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Re: XP- Need advice

  • How long till your wedding date?

    If you've got 2-3 months then that is plenty of time, just continue eating healthy and exercising (if you're not calorie counting already, check out a site like to help)....if you're less than a month away, talk to a seamstress and get the dress altered to fit.
  • We are just about to the 3 month mark. I have my first appt with my seamstress in 2 weeks to see if the dress CAN be taken out if need be. I def need to be doing the calorie counting.
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  • Three months is plenty of time. if you're wanting to slim the mid section your best bet is in the kitchen. Be religious about your tracking and healthful diet. The less crappy grains and the more whole foods you eat, the better off you are. 

    Any cardio that makes you push yourself will be the best bet, so if you are just sitting on "medium" level on the elliptical (I say this because I know IIII slack hard core on that dang thing so I don't even bother. lol) and not getting your heart up there for a significant amount of itme, it's time to switch to a new cardio machine like the stairmaster. 
    Running is known to be the fastest way to slim down because of how much core strength it requires, but be careful with it. Running done poorly can be incredibly damaging to your joints and tendons. 

    I agree that adding in weight lifting will also not bulk you up, but encourage your metabolism to speed up, as well as tighten skin. (No matter how much cardio I do, if I don't lift, my arms are just gross and flabby). 
    You can do it :)
  • I just signed up for the My Fitness Pal thing so I am gonna give hat a try for sure.
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  • I've recentlly been introduced to Nutritional Cleansing and this sounds like you could really benefit from it! I lost 10 pounds with a 9 day cleanse and lost inches all around my body!! I would love to email you details or you can email me and I'll send them your way!! I WISH I would have known about this last May when I got married!!!

    [email protected]

    Best, Liz
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