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Dress Anxiety

So, I think I am going through a semi major case of anxiety over my dress choice. I originally picked a dress that I really liked; my mother and grandmother also loved it enough to put down the deposit the same day. However, i have always had a small doubt that this could actually be the one for me... like it wasn't what I wanted exactly but i liked it because it was different. Anyway, I have been going back and forth with my current dress and this other dress. So, I've taken off from work next Friday, so that I can go by myself to try on the dresses, and so I can put this to rest.
Has anyone done this before?
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Re: Dress Anxiety

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    This happened to me too. I actually thought I purchased my dress too soon. I was going back and forth between two dresses. I had an idea of what I was looking for and both dresses fit the description so well that it was hard to pick just one. I never cried when I tried on my dress or anything and I didn't get emotional about the dress shopping process. I'm pretty practical, so of course it boiled down to which dress fit into my budget. Since I loved both, I really didn't mind picking the cheaper of the two dresses. HTH

    If your dress is a huge priority (and getting the other dress is in your budget), try on the other dress and compare and contrast what you like about them. How it makes you feel etc. Then go from there. I hope everything works out for you
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    This definitely happened to me and now I am a "2 Dress Bride" , but I don't think I would have it any other way.. they say you should stop looking after you get your dress though because you will almost always find something you love even more. But, my NEW dress is 100% me and I just love every bit of it! I do not regret making the decision to change :) .. But the money that I lost.. I do regret that, now that it's coming down to the final days and I am still spending a lot of money on things that I want.. that money could have went toward one of my vendors!
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    Well... the funny thing is like chescam the dress I like is cheaper than the one I put the deposit on. The two dresses are similar and made by the same designer but its a difference between mermaid or fit and flare. I really like both dresses for 2 different reasons. Immediately when I pulled the dress up on the internet I got instant butterflies, and as cheesy as this sounds I actually lost my breath.  The good news about this is I have not ordered the dress yet so I can change my mind and apply the deposit towards the other dress is I like it. Next Friday cannot come soon enough.
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