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Invite wording...HELP! HELP! HELP!

Whose paying by order of how much... Fiance's grandparents, my mom and step-dad, an aunt, my dad (if he pull's through with what he promises), fiance's parents (mom and step-dad), my grandparents, an uncle.

Breakdown of parents: both our mom's have remarried and our step-dad's are single

Important Additional Info: My mom lives in a different state and so my fiances mom,  who is also a wedding planner is helping me do a large part of the work. She (fiances mom) does not want my fiance's biological dad mentioned in the invitation since he is not helping out financially. I would like to mention my real dad because he says he is going to give us some money. Aside from that sticky situation my fiance's grandparents are actually forking out over 75% of the budget... fun huh :(


Re: Invite wording...HELP! HELP! HELP!

  • WHO PAYS has nothing to do with who is going to do the hosting jobs prior to the wedding and who is going to function as the hosts the day of the wedding at the ceremony venue and the reception venue.

    Traditionally, the bride's parents do the hosting:

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Miller (your mom and stepdad)
    Mr. John Doe (your dad)
    request the honour of your presence
    at the wedding of their daughter
    Janet Anne Doe (use your last name here so everyone knows who you are)
    Mr. Trent Smith
    son of Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Jones (FI's mom and stepdad)
    Mr. Todd Smith (FI's dad - because NOT PAYING does not mean NOT FI's DAD)
  • Keep it simple...

    Together with their families
    SaphireBlue's FI
    invite you/request the honor your presence...
  • Absolutely LOVE the "Together with Their Families" wording. Between the 2 of us, FH and I have 6 parents/stepparents, all of whom have different levels of financial/emotional involvement with the wedding. "Together with their Families" is a lovely way to say "We want to include all of our loved ones in OUR day!" without anyone feeling left out.
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