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DIY Accomplishments

Do we have any creative do it yourself ladies out there? Show us what you've accomplished so far! Laughing

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Re: DIY Accomplishments

  • So far the flower girl basket is the only DIY accomplishment I have on my list. I used an easter basket from Michaels that was the color green I liked and added the purple ribbon and green flowers. The total cost was maybe 12 bucks.
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  • Love the flower girl basket-really cute!

    I have been slowly working on tissue paper pomanders-once I get one done I will post some pictures!
  • As much as I want to be a DIY bride, I just don't have the time for it right now between grad school and moving across the country.  Maybe once I get settled. 
  • My FMIL is working on specing up some pomander balls and wreaths...i know I will have peacock accents at the ceremony...that's about as far as i have gotten. School is really time consuming right now. :) But we plan to do our STDs, invitations, cetnerpieces, door monograms, pew wreaths, program and possibly the brides maid/groomsmen gifts.

    whew! i better get started!!
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  • I've gotten a few designs out of the way. The look of our invitation has changed a few times already, so I'm not sure if this will be our final version.

    Pre-wedding monogram:

    Married Monogram:

    Invite Inspiration:

    Our Invite:

    Back of RSVP Postcard:

    Front of RSVP Postcard:

  • Cute logo designs! did you do them yourself or did you have them created?
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  • I really like the look of your invites! Great Job!

    I'm starting graduate school next month so I'm trying to do what I can now because I know once I'm in school I will have zero time for DIY stuff.

    Here is a picture of what one of the centerpieces will look like for half the tables if there is any hope that I can get tulips at the end of January.(I'm going to add votive candles but they hadn't arrived when I took the picture.). The other tables will have candle centerpieces, I got a great deal at Michaels for the candle holders and will swing by dollar tree to get the rest of what I need. As soon as I get a mock up of those centerpieces I will post a picture.

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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_january-2012-weddings_diy-accomplishments?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:5a1804e7-e8c8-4829-9e61-b9d49f3a9b5fDiscussion:75e0a7f6-e853-4b32-8c10-1fdb092af09cPost:7e2e4abd-d770-45d6-a8d9-e803f3701869">Re: DIY Accomplishments</a>:
    [QUOTE]Cute logo designs! did you do them yourself or did you have them created?
    Posted by sosie&fangman[/QUOTE]
    I designed them myself but I based them on a monogram I found at <a href="http://ayleedesigns.gnyc.net/" rel='nofollow'>http://ayleedesigns.gnyc.net/</a>
  • Sassy, I love your centerpieces! They are super cute!
  • I don't have pictures yet but I am putting little plants around my arrangements to make the table look fuller and the little plants are the favors. I am also buying a large piece of Styrofoam and cutting out the letter M and attaching it together with toothpicks and glue. Then I am taking Spanish moss and covering it. It will cost me about $10 or less with coupons! I am also buying a simple ring pillow from a craft store on sale then going to the flea market to find a small earring or broach that I can attach to the pillow to give it a personal touch. 
  • oh, that's cute, hippo! I am going to do a book for my ring bearer to carry down. I haven't decided if i am going to cut it out to put some fake rings in or leave it together...if i do the latter, i think i will have him carry down a copy of robert browning poetry, if i can find a great old looking book. if not, just a random old book will have to do. :)

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  • jl46jl46 member
    I don't have any photos yet - I will in the next couple of days at my blog http://designbyjessica.com/blog .. I just haven't gotten around to it yet..

    But, I'm basically recreating these: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kellyink/2319203379/in/set-72157604076440191/ I just love them and they are SO much cheaper than ordering through some other invite site. Everything will be the same except we're using a sheer, skinny, purple ribbon to match our wedding colors instead of the candy-cane string they have on theirs... and instead of using baby photos we're going to use photos from our engagement session - we should have pictures of us separately (i hope) haha.

    So far I've designed, printed, cut, and punched the corners of the cards. I got ribbon for half off from Hobby Lobby and I'm just getting everything ready to go so I can stick the photos on when we get them done.


    My other DIY stuff I've yet to start:

    -Invites: they will have similar features that the save the dates have, but printed on white.
    -Programs: I'll be using the rest of the paper from the save the dates for these.
    -Table Numbers: I'm super torn on this one, not even going to describe it yet
    -Placecards: Same as above.
    -Wall display (our place lets us put up this wall of family photos, or whatever we want in the foyer of where our reception is held) - I have to figure out what I'm going to do here. We live in Orlando so we kind of want to take hilarious ride photos and have some of those thrown in.
    -We're doing lantern centerpieces, I need to spray paint them brown.

  • JL, i LOVE the STDs! they are adorable!! I can't wait to do my e-pics and STDs!! :)
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  • My DIY list (still gathering pieces but will post pics when done)

    1 ring bearer coconut shell with black satin pillow and silver ribbon (fiance proposed using a coconut, and we're using the surviving half of the shell)

    1 flower girl sring basket ( using spray adhesive and a mold, wrapping black and silver ribbons, string, wire around in a basket shape to have instead of a traditional basket)

    1 bridal rooch boquet (aksing women in the family to loan me a brooch which will be returned.  toying with the idea of combining live/ silk floral with it)

    12 centerpieces with a photography theme (several ideas fo use of frames, black and white mounted prints, submerged photos in glassware, easels etc)

    4 french memo boards to use instead of an escort card table (spare plywood, batting, satin i've dyed, buttons, hot glue and a staple gun - I'll be giving these to my attendants as gifts too)

    12 trees to line ceremony area (parents are cutting down their maple, I'll be painting and cementing down the limbs - then using tulle flowers and lights)

    1 wishing tree/ guest book (more painted branches, but as a stout little tree.  creating own postcards from pictures of my hometown/fiances hometown, prinitng them and mounting them to be hung on the tree when completed)

    thank God I have 9 months to crank this all out :)

    - J
    "What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined...to strengthen each other... to be one with each other in silent, unspeakable memories." -George Eliot
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