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Excellence Punta Cana

Anyone been here? This is where FI and I are considering for our honeymoon.
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Re: Excellence Punta Cana

  • Friends went and loved it.

    We are headed to one of their resorts in Mexico for our honeymoon
  • My friend who just got married went there and absolutley loved it. Her pictures looked amazing
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  • My fiance and I were planning on going there, but after a ton of reasearch decided on the Excellence Resort in Cancun. We had a few reasons for the switch, but one big one was my fiance wanted to be able to actually swim and the water can be rough in Punta Cana.

    All of their resorts look gorgeous!

  • We went there for our honeymoon in the end of July and it was amazing! The staff is excellent and all of the restaurants were great. We ended up getting the upgrade to the Excellence Club and it was definitely worth it.
    A few things to think about, the resort is a little bit far from the airport, about an hour drive and not through the best areas. The taxi ride was about $75 but apparently you can get a shuttle for about the same price, I would recommend this if you don't speak Spanish. Also, while we were there, it was a red flag the entire time so we weren't able to get into the ocean past our knees. Honestly, didn't miss it that much. We spent most morning just laying out on the beach, then when it was too hot in the afternoon, we would just stay in the pool.
    Hope this helps!
  • We were just there a few weeks ago, and had a blast. The beach is soft sand and warm water. It wasn't rough at all. The food was great at all the restaurants. Definintely spring for the Elegance package. You get better service, better drinks, and we loved the little lobbies we had access to that no one else does. The only thing we had a hard time with was exchanging towels at the pool. But, if that's the worst, then that's pretty good. The entertainment was hillarious, the pool was sooo relaxing, and the scuba diving isn't bad either. I'd definitely recommend it.

    p.s. I got engaged while I was there. :)
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  • That's where we are going on our honeymoon. :) Our travel agent highly recommended it and I have heard nothing but good things about it. I'd also recommend getting the shuttle rather than a taxi. Our travel agent made a point out of suggesting we do the shuttle because it will make it much less hassle on us.
    Good luck!
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  • we went to punta cana last year but stayed at the majestic.....it was one of our favorite vacations.  We had so much fun.   The staff there was super nice, friendly, and helpful.  We didn't leave the resort except for excursions due to warnings we received from other people....but we really didnt care to anyway.  We met so many nice people at the pool bar haha.

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