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For those of you who have been, where did you stay? Now that we have our Big Island plans down for next summer, we're torn between Kauai and Maui... and right now Kauai has the fact that we've never been there in its favour!

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    we are going to stay at the Marriot which is near lihue airport.  I haven't actually stayed there, but when I was in Kauai in June, we ended up having dinner at Duke's which is at the hotel, so we ended up walking the grounds which are very nice. the hotel fronts a bay which is nice.  The only thing is that its kinda in the center of town, so it doesn't really feel like your out in the country. 

    Beware of staying at condo/associations. I have heard too many stories about loud annoying roosters waking you up.  there are ton of them on Kauai.  Kauai is BEAUTIFUL, but Maui is still my fav.
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    Roosters, huh? That's good to know! Right now, I'm torn between the Hyatt in Poipu and the Hanalei Colony Resort in Hanalei... I clearly have no idea which side of the island to stay on.
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    hanalei bay is heaven on earth.... has postcard perfect sunsets and the stars at night are amazing.  hanalei town is really cute and romantic too, lots of places to eat from walk up burger stands and to sit down happy hour places all within a couple of blocks... we didn't visit poipu while we were there so im no help there.
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    From what I remember, Hanalei and Princeville are wetter parts of the island, and they're also very isolated.  I stayed near Princeville, and got very bored.  And, yes, roosters woke us up every morning--and in the middle of the night too.  It may be a more relaxed romantic feel, but I guess that isn't for me all the time. Driving along the North Shore involves a lot of single-lane bridges, etc.  Poipu is supposed to be more active and obviously closer to commercial areas.  www.gohawaii.com is a useful site. Knowing you and your research skills, though, you probably know this already :)
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    I only just started the research into Kauai yesterday! Tongue out I remain largely uneducated on it... All I knowfor sure is I want to spend a day kayaking the Na Pali Coast, and that I'm asking for a waterproof camera for Christmas. We'll be going in summer, which means we don't have to worry about those pesky winter storms battering the North shore. If we were going any other time of year, this would be a no brainer.

    Does anyone else judge hotels by their swimming pools? It's a habit picked up during my childhood that I can't shake. That's really why I want to stay at the Hyatt in Poipu. LOL!
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    Alyson, we're staying on both sides of the island during our trip (Princeville and Poipu), so I should have some good recommendations when we get back at the end of August.  

    We thought about HCR, but some of the tripadvisor reviews worried us, so we went with a condo in Princeville instead.
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    I stayed at the Hyatt maybe 6 years ago with 5 of my girlfriends.  The swimming pools are awesome!  There are slides and if I remember correctly something similar to a lazy river.  It was lots of fun hanging out by the pool!  The beach is pretty too...I thought it was a bit rough for swimming while we were there, but people were out in it.  I guess it depends on the time of year.  The Poipu area is nice...it definitely has the resort feel about it, so if you want that, the Hyatt is the place to stay!  From Poipu you are pretty close to the Waimea Canyon, which is beautiful!  The nice thing about Kauai is driving time.  It really doesn't take much time to get around.  Hope that helps some!
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    Carrie - sweet! I look forward to picking your brain!
    Machan - OMG, yes, it's all about the pool. I've never stayed in a resort... like ever... in my life. I've always assumed that I'm a condo girl. But, maybe I could be a resort girl. Maybe. For that pool, I'm willing to do a lot!
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    IMO you totally need to go to an island you haven't yet been to.  What I love about Kauai is how quiet and chill it is.  Super chill.  Just all about the beauty of the island.  We rented a condo last time we were there, which was super easy, and it was on a beach, but not a swimming beach, so if I had to do it all over again, I would def choose a place that I could walk right out into the water.

    We did a spa treatment at the Hyatt in Poipu, and if I had money to burn, I would stay there in a freakin heartbeat!  But I think it was pretty expensive if I remember correctly.  I actually considered getting married there but too $$$.

    I'm envious you are planning a HI trip!  I am going through such withdrawal, it's completely depressing.  Every day I think about how DH can find a job there (I would be fine getting a job, but his industry is a little more tricky).

    Happy planning!!! 

    Hey, do I need to shrink my pic down more?  I already have it at 250, but it still seems big...?
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    I hear you on the Hawaii withdrawl - I feel like I've been in a permanent state since I first started vacationing there!

    Liz, I think your siggy pic is fine!
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    I've stayed at the Marriott in Lihue twice, and it's aaaamazing, I love the pools there.  Great service and food.  I decided I wanted to stay somewhere different for my wedding next month, so we're (all 35 of us) are staying at the Hyatt in Poipu.  Not getting married there because of the price, but we got a great deal on the rooms. Whenever someone hears we're staying there, they have said amazing things about it too.
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    We're staying at the Wailau Bay View Condos for our wedding/honeymoon next year. I've heard only great things about the place and for the price and location, we couldn't beat it.  We'd like to be able to eat some meals in and they also have a washer and dryer which will be helpful. 
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    marriot pools...i love the one in lihue :)  i'm no help with hotels on kauai hehe. but i was just gonna say GTG if you have time :) depending on when you go i might have moved there by then (if it's after the wedding) hehe :) 
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    We stayed at a house when we were there, but I ate at Dukes, so we had to walk through the Marriott and it was beautiful!!! So fancy, ha. Because we stayed at a house, the roosters were there, but they never woke me up in the middle of the night. Maybe sometimes a little early, but I could deal with it. It made it kind of fun seeing all the roosters all around, and lizards too! We would have so many lizards on our porch and sometimes in our house at night!
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    [QUOTE]marriot pools...i love the one in lihue :)  i'm no help with hotels on kauai hehe. but i was just gonna say GTG if you have time :) depending on when you go i might have moved there by then (if it's after the wedding) hehe :) 
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    Cari, I was thinking we should totally have a GTG! That would be awesome.
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    We stayed at a friend's family vacation home on Anini Beach for our weddingmoon. It was gorgeous, but there were roosters. :)

    I definitely think you should go with a resort since you have never stayed at one.
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    We had our wedding at the St. Regis in Princeville in June and it was amazing! The pool is fantastic, and the private beach (with loungers, hammocks, and cabanas) is just a few feet away. The weather was great-- it rained for a few minutes a day and then vanished, leaving tons of rainbows and keeping it cool.
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    I went to Kauai for the first time last year and we are planning on getting married there next year.  My fiance' cousins lived there, so we stayed with them for the first part of the trip and ended the trip staying at the Hyatt in Poipu.  I judge the resorts by their pools also, so that's why we chose the Hyatt.  They have this amazing salt water lagoon with a sandy beach.....right alongside the real beach. It was amazing!  If we get a good deal on rooms, we would stay there again.
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